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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reminder: Dillard University Bleu Devil Book Club Tonight at 6pm September 27 2012 with President Walter Kimbrough

Bleu Devil Book Club Fall 2012

The Dillard Univblack greek 101booksersity Will W. Alexander Library is proud to present to the Dillard University Family, “The BLEU Devil Book Club”.
The purpose of the Dillard University BLEU Devil Book Club is to bring the Dillard University community together to share a dialogue of ideas, opinions, interests and causes - all within the context of a book club discussion format.
As an institution of higher learning, Dillard University is committed to producing graduates who are broadly educated, culturally aware, and concerned with improving the human condition. What better way to create an avenue of open communication, critical thinking, and healthy debate of today's issues then a book club. Our learning environment encourages a respect of diverse opinions and ideas in which the book club hopes to build upon so students, faculty, staff, and alumni can all benefit from this program.
To that end, the Will W. Alexander Library strives to include authors and topics that represent a spectrum of viewpoints and interests. We hope to highlight books that have both a national and cultural interest, as well as those books that are produced by local New Orleanians. However as sponsors of the book club, we do not necessarily endorse the views of any particular author but support the notion of sharing information in the interest of discovery, exploration and understanding. The BLEU Devil Book Club is a great way to encourage a commitment to literacy on our campus while at the same time building on the actual mission of Dillard University.
Readers will be encouraged to purchase and read the featured book and then join us in discussion concerning the book of the month. The Will W. Alexander Library book club discussion will be every 4th Thursday evening of the month. Besides attending the book discussions, readers can also discuss the current book of the month by following us on Twitter @DULibrary or on our Facebook page @:!/groups/2234159254/.
Our first book club discussion is: "Black Greek 101: The Culture, Customs, and Challenges of Black Fraternities and Sororities", written by and will be facilitated by our President, Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough!

For more information contact Malik Bartholomew at (504) 816-4209


Take Back the Night October 23 2012 Dr. Eartha Johnson Dillard University


TLT Group - Diving into Aps this week with “the Ashland University guys” Join Us!


Eighteenth issue, Volume five

TLT Group TGIF 9.27.2012           
From TLT Group World Headquarters
Join Us! In joining the TLT Group, you make a commitment to encourage, empower, and engage in improving teaching, learning, and technology.  Learn more about membership options. 
More from the TLT-SWG Blog:

Real Revolution Not MOOCs. Real Revolution Big Open Mostly-Online Things with Unavoidable Minimum Impact. Good/Bad? Not a Rant?

"There's an App for That 2.0" IOS/Android/Chrome Ed Apps FridayLive! 9/28 2pmET online free #TLTGfrlv TLTGroup

New App issue: Tech haves vs. have-nots? Feel less comfortable USING or BEING an instant temp in “on-demand economy”?

Upcoming Online Workshops
1st Silver Cloud Online Workshop
October 17, 24 (optional: 31),  2012    2:00 - 3:00pm EDT
Link to registration
Leaders: Charles Ansorge, Nancy Becker, Michael Dabney, Ilene Frank, ...

Demysifying Accreditation
November 1,8 and 15,  2012       2:00 - 3:00pm EDT
Link to registration
Leaders: Beth Dailey, and Tracey Johnson

NOTE:  Workshops are free to TLT Group Individual Members. Check your institution's status here if you have your membership through an institutional subscription.
$200 for non members. 

There's an App for That! - 2.0 FridayLive! Free online Sept28 2pm ET Presenters: Steve Kaufman and Tim Lombardo, Ashland University

Register quickly.  The room filled up last time they were FridayLive! guests.   Register here.

We're back! In this session will be showing some of the best apps for education across multiple types of devices. It doesn't matter if you use an iPad, Android device, or even Google Chrome, more often than not, there is in fact an "app for that".

We will provide examples of fun assignments to conduct using apps, and also show some of the best ways to share an iPad screen or Android screen in your classroom. (Hint: It's not using a Document Camera!)

Get some new ideas for your classroom and share some of your ideas of how apps can be used in education.

As always, we welcome your attendance and your participation. Don't worry if you can't attend at 2 pm Eastern.  Our policy is that registrants have access to archives as do Individual Members.

Social Collaboration - What does that mean? with Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet Area Technical College FridayLive! Free online Oct19 2pm ET.  online Free Register in advance

Interested in MOOCs and wondering how to get started?  So are we. The TLT Group is organizing a cohort to experience a MOOC together and report back during future FridayLive events. To join, simply sign-up for the MOOC “Current/Future State of Higher Education” (CFHE12). “The course starts October 8, 2012.”
We will share our experiences in a variety of asynchronous and synchronous ways. Our first synchronous meeting will be October 5th at 1:00 PM ET prior to FridayLive. Hope you will join in the fun as we learn together!
Encourage. Enable. Engage.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dillard University Louisiana Board of Regents Workshop/Videoconference October 5, 2012

The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
invites you to attend the 2012 Board of Regents Workshop/Videoconference

Please join us for this opportunity to individually speak with BOR Program Managers to discuss your proposal ideas for the upcoming Board of Re-gents grant initiatives. (See Attachment)

Individual sessions will be by appointment only.

A written abstract and/or prepared ideas and concepts would be helpful.

2012-13 Eligible Disciplines include

Enhancement: Agricultural Sciences, Arts, Earth/Environmental Sciences, Engineering A (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, etc.), Health and Medical Sciences

No Letter of Intent Needed for Enhancement
DU StudentActivities
Date: October 24, 2012

Awards to Louisiana Artists and Scholars Program (ATLAS): Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Letter of Intent Due: Oct 10, 2012
Due Date: Nov 21, 2012

R & D: Letter of Intent was September 14
Due Date: Nov 7, 2012

Karen Bailey Coleman
at or 504– 816-4796 to set up appointment or for more information.

Thanks for you participation! The Office Of Research & Sponsored Programs


Monday, September 24, 2012

North Carolina Central University News: First Lady Inspires and Motivates Crowd at NCCU


September 20, 2012

A two-hour drive and seven hours of standing in line was a small price for DeShea Smith to pay to hear first lady Michelle Obama speak at North Carolina Central University on Wednesday, Sept. 19. Smith and her mother, Jessee Booker, made the trip from Lynchburg Va., meeting Smith’s daughter, NCCU sophomore Nezjma Smith, at 5 a.m. They were the first people in line outside of the McDougald–McLendon Gymnasium. It was noon before the line began to move.

At 12:36 p.m., the NCCU jazz band began a rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” reminiscent of the 2008 campaign. And on cue the crowd, slowly filing into the gym, began to sing along. What followed was a medley of Motown classics making the continuous wait disappear.

An hour later, chants of “four more years” filled the gym, which by then was packed to capacity; a crowd wave began. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Nezjma Smith said. “To hear the first lady of the United States is history.”

When Miss NCCU 2012-13 Harmony Cross took the stage nearly 30 minutes later, the crowd was still excited. “Your vote is important this election,” Cross said. “It takes one person to make a difference.” Cross was followed by Lt. Col. George Stephen (Steve) Wilson, who led the Pledge of Allegiance and NCCU junior Victoria Jones, who performed the national anthem. Then followed brief remarks by Dominique James, campus organizer with Organizing for America; U.S. Rep. David Price, a Democrat whose district includes Durham and NCCU; and Durham Mayor Bill Bell. Each encouraged people to register to vote.

NCCU senior Korey Mercer had the honor of introducing the first lady. Mercer is a first-generation college student attending NCCU thanks to financial aid. Majoring in political science, Mercer said he was pretty speechless after meeting the first lady. “When she walked on the stage and hugged me, I didn’t want to let her go.”

Entering to a standing ovation that lasted for several minutes, Mrs. Obama took the stage, telling the 3,100 gathered in the gym that she was still “feeling pretty fired up and ready to go.”

In remarks that have often been repeated since the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, the first lady recounted her story and President Obama’s. “This is an easy job talking about my husband,” she said. “He is handsome, charming and smart, but what made me fall in love with him was his character. I loved that he was committed to serving others and devoted to the women in his life.”

“In his life story, I saw so much of my own story,” she said. She described that story as one filled with pride and hope. To thunderous applause, she cited the values that she said make President Obama different. “He believes that how hard you work matters more than how much you make, and that no one gets where they are on their own. A community lifts us all, from the teachers to the janitors.”

Flashing back to 2008, the first lady reminded the audience of the challenges the country faced when President Obama took office — losing 800,000 jobs per month and a financial industry in free fall. “Instead of pointing fingers and placing blame, Barack got to work,” she said. “Today we have seen 30 straight months of job growth, and 4.6 million new jobs.”

The first lady laid out seven accomplishments of the Obama presidency:

·         Millions of job created

·         Healthcare reform

·         Ending the war in Iraq

·         Improving access to college

·         Increasing veterans’ benefits

·         Work permits to undocumented young immigrants

·         Repealing “Don’t ask, don’t tell”

North Carolina is considered a toss-up state and one in which both President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have made campaign appearances, as have their running mates. In 2008, President Obama won North Carolina by just 14,000 votes, the equivalent of five votes per precinct.

Concluding her remarks, Mrs. Obama told the crowd, once again on their feet, “Elections are always about hope; don’t let anyone tell you different.”
Toneka Oliver, a registered nurse at the Durham VA Medical Center and NCCU alumna, is also optimistic about the country’s future. ‘We can’t turn around now,” she said. “We have to make our voice heard and vote.”

Dillard University EARLY ALERT - Faculty Teaching First Year Students

The following message is being sent on behalf of Provost Phyllis W. Dawkins:






To:                 Faculty Teaching First Year Students

From:              Phyllis Worthy Dawkins, Ph.D., Provost

Re:                  Early Alert

Date:               September 21, 2012

I am writing to encourage you to participate in Early Alert.  The Dillard University Early Alert system, particularly to our first year students, is important in that students need to know how they are progressing in each of their classes.  Research data on student retention in the first year state that there is a direct relationship between testing and assessing student’s mastery of materials often and success in completing course requirements. Therefore, where it is sensible and possible, we are urging faculty to provide that assessment early and often to freshmen.


Alert forms are most effective when they are used during the fourth week of school. This year the dates are September 24-28, 2012.  The alert to the student allows them time prior to mid-semester to consult with you and to seek tutorial help prior to the end of the term.


This semester I am targeting all first year core courses.  We need to know how many students are succeeding in these first year core courses, and who is struggling.


Enclosed you will find two forms:  one to be filled out and given to the student; the other is a composite form to be filled out and returned by fax or email to the Center for the First Year Experience no later than October 1st.


A copy of all the documents is attached to this e-mail. Early Alert Forms can be returned to Ms. M. Shannon Williamson, Interim Director of the First Year Experience, via email (, inter campus mail or fax (ext.4863). The First Year Seminar Instructors will work out a Plan of Action with each first year student identified as struggling. Over the past 2 years 80% of students who were early alerted by a professor, met with their FYS Instructor and were able to turn their grade around.


When you submit Early Alert forms, you are participating in the vital process of retention. You are the catalyst for ensuring the success of this process.  It should take you only a few minutes. The student’s success at the university will be important for the whole of his or her professional life.

I look forward to your response

One Week to Early-Bird Registration Deadline (Oct. 1, 2012) | 37th Annual POD Conference

Please note that the early-bird conference registration deadline is October 1st, just one week from today. 

The early-bird registration rate is $465, which includes 6 meals, plus receptions and breaks. All

online registrations received by the end of the day (5PM Pacific), October 1, will qualify for the early-bird rate.

For mailed-in registrations, the postmark must be no later than October 1.


If you have not yet registered, you may do so here:

To pay by credit or purchase card, select PayPal.


As recently announced, we have filled our contracted room block at the Seattle Sheraton and the hotel is now sold out. Please see link below to reserve a room at the W Seattle (, a sister Starwood property, 3 blocks from the Seattle Sheraton, at the same discounted rate of $149 per night. Please note that cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to arrival. The W Seattle offers free wifi internet access in the lobby and is a 5 to 10 minute walk from the Sheraton Seattle.


To reserve a room at the W, visit the customized POD page:


The Roosevelt ( is another option, although we do not have a contracted block. 

Conference attendees report being able to reserve rooms close to $149, especially with AAA membership. 

The Roosevelt is less than two blocks away from the Seattle Sheraton.


Very best wishes, --Hoag



Dillard University Promotion and Tenure Workshop September 25, 2012

Center for

Teaching LearniAcademic Technology





Faculty Promotion and

Tenure Workshop

Contact information
Date: Tuesday
September 25, 2012
Where: Kearny Hall
Lunch: Through the Line (Signature Required)
Time: 12 Noon -1:30 p.m.
Discussion: 12:30 -1:30 p.m.
(504) 816-4662; (504) 816-4701
Dr. Keith M. Wismar, Facilitator
Professor of Psychology
Please make room in your schedule to attend this workshop.  Look for the announcement from the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs - Timeline updates.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Free access to top-read articles from the Journal of Studies in International Education

Journal Name


Access top-read articles from Journal of Studies in International Education—FREE

The Journal of Studies in International Education (JSIE) is the premiere forum for higher education administrators, educators, researchers and policy makers interested in research, reviews, and case studies on all facets of the internationalization of higher education. Each issue brings together the concepts, strategies, and approaches of internationalization, the internationalization of the curriculum, and issues surrounding international students and cross-border delivery of education.

Access, cite and share these articles with your students, colleagues, and other faculty today. FREE* through October 15, 2012!
Shifting Patterns of the Government’s Policies for the Internationalization of Korean Higher Education by Kiyong Byun and Minjung Kim
Education Hubs: A Fad, a Brand, an Innovation? by Jane Knight

Promoting Intercultural Contact on Campus: A Project to Connect and Engage International and Host Students by Nittaya Campbell

University Students’ Perceptions of and Attitudes Towards Culturally Diverse Group Work: Does Context Matter?
by Karen Kimmel and Simone Volet

Broadening the Mind? Australian Student Reflections on the Experience of Overseas Study by Martin Forsey, Susan Broomhall, and Jane Davis

Case Studies of Internationalization in Adult and Higher Education: Inside the Processes of Four Universities in the United States and the United Kingdom
by Joellen Elizabeth Coryell, Beth A. Durodoye, Robin Redmon Wright, P. Elizabeth Pate, and Shelbee Nguyen

The Development of Transnational Higher Education in China: A Comparative Study of Research Universities and Teaching Universities by Wenhong Fang

Managing Offshore Branch Campuses: An Analytical Framework for Institutional Strategies by Farshid Shams and Jeroen Huisman

Lessons From a Global Learning Virtual Classroom by Lynn M. Patterson, Paula Botero Carrillo, and Rigoberto Solano Salinas
*You may already have access to these articles through a library or other subscription.


SAGE Education
View sample issue
Journal of Studies in International Education
Hans de Wit
Universiteit van Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences
Betty Leask 
University of South Australia

Impact Factor*:
Ranked: 59/203, Education & Educational Research
*Source: 2011 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2012)

Now Available


The SAGE Handbook of International Higher Education
by Darla K. Deardorff, Hans de Wit, John D. Heyl, and Tony Adams
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