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Monday, April 15, 2013

EduDemic: Teacher Salaries: Everything You Wanted To Know


Posted: 14 Apr 2013 02:05 PM PDT
teacher salaries simpsons
The U.S. Census has shed some light on the current state of teacher salaries and what the rest of the education industry is making every month.
Posted: 14 Apr 2013 10:05 AM PDT
grief counselor hands
After events like Newtown, we all have an idea of what grief in school looks like. Here's insight into how grief counselors help suffering students.
Posted: 14 Apr 2013 05:05 AM PDT
There's a new app called WDWDT (stands for What Did We Do Today?) and is a messaging service custom-built for students, parents, and teachers.



Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence: Motivation & Your Students


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Free Group Video Calling on Skype

Last month, Skype announced a great deal for educational users: free group video calling for a year.
The freebie is associated with Skype's educational arm, Skype in the classroom. Skype in the classroom skews more to a K-12 audience, but there's nothing to stop you from joining the Skype in the classroom site and then using those features (such as the group video calling) that work for you. After all, group video calling is an excellent way to chat with far-flung collaborators about research, check-in with  groups of students working together off-campus, or invite a remote panel of experts and practitioners into your classroom.
Previously, users had to pay for group video calling as part of Skype Premium; Now, instructors can video chat with up to nine other users at a time (although quality may decline with more than five users on the call). Directions and screenshots on the Skype blog explain how to get started.
A word to the wise: The process requires you to create a Skype in the classroom account (you'll need to enter your email address), but you should also take the opportunity to check that the email addresses associated with your primary Skype account are correct and current. This is crucial since once Skype verifies you as an educational user, they'll send an email with a voucher code for the free group video calling and other Skype premium services.
Once you're all ready to go - or while your educational user verification is pending - you might want to review our past post all about Skype resources.
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Kerrie Conover posted: "Now accepting summer 2013 Pearson LearningStudio course shells requests! The request process is directly linked to faculty assignments with the Registrar. Step 1: Request Shell Faculty* will go to to make requests. A new, blank co"

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Request your summer 2013 LearningStudio course shells

Now accepting summer 2013 Pearson LearningStudio course shells requests!

The request process is directly linked to faculty assignments with the Registrar.

Step 1: Request Shell

Faculty* will go to to make requests. A new, blank course shell will be created as a result of this request.  Use the HOW TO INSTRUCTIONS to walk through the process.
Deadlines: Courses requested after May 6th are not guaranteed to be ready for the first day of class.
*Only faculty assigned to a course may make the request. Please use Class Search for class information and to confirm your assignment. If you find that you are not assigned to your course, please contact your department.

Step 2: Wait for Enrollment Email

Once requested, Koehler Center staff will process the request and enroll professors and teaching assistants.
Beginning summer 2013, faculty enrollments and student enrollments will process at the same time via an automated process. Once enrolled, an email will be sent to faculty members notifying them the enrollment has processed. TA enrollments are still a manual process, so there will be a slight delay for processing.

Step 3: Copy Content

You will be notified via email when your course shell(s) are ready. If you previously had a Pearson LearningStudio course shell, you can use the Faculty Copy Tool to copy all or part of any existing course content into your new course shell.
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kate marshall posted: "Markers of spring: the trees have flowered and are now sporting baby-green leaves, the daffodils have come and gone, and some of your students may have already started to check out. Summer is upon us! But not just yet. How do you keep your content deli"

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Motivation & Your Students

Markers of spring: the trees have flowered and are now sporting baby-green leaves, the daffodils have come and gone, and some of your students may have already started to check out.
Summer is upon us! But not just yet. How do you keep your content delivery interesting and your students motivated during these last few weeks of the semester? From Edudemic, here is a short run-down of four ways to increase engagement in the classroom. With the exception of moving around the classroom, the other three suggestions (high expectations, real-world applications, and technological engagement to build connections) would work equally well in an online course. And, if you interpret "moving around the classroom" as part of a larger strategy of mixing up your presentation and student participation styles, even this piece of advice becomes applicable to the online classroom. For example, if you've always had students respond to your discussion prompts, you might ask them to submit discussion questions based on the week's content.
If you prefer your information in visual form, this is a lovely infographic about reaching distracted students. I especially like that two of their suggestions (cooperative learning and peer instruction) focus on the students as communicators and meaning-makers. After all, at this point in the semester, your students should have a decent understanding of the larger course themes and be able to work together to situate new knowledge in that context. This could be done in pairs, small-groups, online in threaded discussions, or in some other format appropriate for your subject, such as a role-play or case-study.
If nothing you've read so far seems like it will work for your group of students, your classroom, or your content, this is a laundry list of 21 simple ways to motivate students. Sometimes, sharing control of and responsibility for the learning experience can go a long way toward keeping students interested. Giving students a choice - of which texts to read, which prompts to answer, how to demonstrate their skills, or with whom to work - may be just the trick. Likewise, a clear (and clearly articulated) learning objective can help students focus on what they need to be doing in order to succeed. Changes like this can be made to one lesson or one activity without needing to re-vamp your entire syllabus at this late date.
Best, if you find that some of these strategies work for you and your students, you can add them to your toolkit and pull them out as needed to keep motivation high throughout the next course you teach.
We'd love to hear from you about what you've found works well to keep students going in these final weeks of the semester. Comment away!
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The New Orleans Agenda: Soledad O'Brien joins the Women's Empowerment Conference as the first recipient of the "WYEN WOMAN AWARD" in Mentorship

The New Orleans Agenda
Your Alternative Newsletter
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Monday,   April 15,  2013   
                     For Immediate Release
Soledad O'Brien joins the Women's Empowerment Conference as the first recipient of the "WYEN WOMAN AWARD" in
Soledad O'Brien
Soledad O'Brien

Women's Conference tickets are going fast! LATE REG FEE starts April 17th!! Register Today!  
Celebrating the Superwoman in You; May 17 & 18 
@ the Hyatt Regency Hotel 
NEW ORLEANS - Women who want to do better, be better, and help
WYEN Conference 2013 
Celebrating the Superwoman in You
others get better, will be converging on the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 17 and 18 for Celebrating the Superwoman in You, a women's conference inviting women to rise up, stand up, and lift another woman up.  
"I am passionate about the empowerment of women," said founder Jil Greene. "Too many women find themselves in situations that they don't know how to get out of. Sometimes, the right information, the right tool, the right connection can make all the difference in putting together a plan that can change a woman's life. What we plan to do at Celebrating the Superwoman in You is provide that information, provide the tool, provide the connection so women can make the plan."
The conference begins at 4:00pm on Friday, May 17. The event kicks off with a high powered networking session with some of New Orleans top women leaders in Corporate America, Business, Law, Education, Finance, Health and Community. It will also include live music & entertainment, dramatic productions directed by Jacqueline Fleming (actress from Abraham Lincoln, Contraband, Woman Thou Art Loose), General Sessions and a late night pajama party where the women will participate in a dinner reception called "Real WYENing Conversations After Dark".
2013 WYEN Video Promo 
2013 WYEN Video Promo
Saturday workshops tackle topics that describe a Super Woman: A Super Woman: Makes Time for Her God, Mentors Others, Markets Herself, Masters Relationship (Marriage/Single), Minds Her Money, Maximizes Her Health, Motivates herself, Makes Her Mark (through her passion and purpose). It will also include a special awards luncheon where women leaders in the City will be recognized with the first series of the "WYEN" awards.
Conference speakers include New Orleans own, Kelder Summers, Radio Host of Old School 106.7,  Kim Bondi, former TV Producer, VP of CNN, Judy Reese Morse, Deputy Mayor, Chief of Staff, City of New Orleans; Laverne Saulney, Regional Manager, New Orleans U.S Senator Mary Landrieu;  Dr. Tami Singleton, Chief, Hematology/Oncology, Professor, Medicine and Pediatrics; Michelle Craig, Partner at Adams & Reese law firm; Jade Brown Russell, General Counsel Caesar's Entertainment; Lisa Crinel, Owner and CEO of three New Orleans area based companies devoted to assisting women who are sick or in recovery;  Dr. Toya Barnes-Teamer, Vice President, Student Success at Dillard University, Kem Washington, a CPA and Financial consultant; Therese Badon, Vice President of Development, UNCF; and a host of others including speakers from Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte and Dallas!  Cee Cee Michaela, former Co-star of the hit comedy Girl Friends; Stacii Jae Johnson, CEO, Mama Said Productions, host of Atlanta's WAEC Love 860 AM Black Girls Radio; Charity Jordan, Film Maker, creator of the break out web series Mommy Uncensored;; Alicia Johnson, Software Engineer for IBM and certified belief therapy counselor, Co-Pastor Brandi Gibson, Word of Faith Christian Center, Lestine Bell, Motivational Speaker, Author of "You were meant to be a Queen, not a Fling"; Mrs. V (Valencia Johnson), BET Comedian,  and many more.
A special feature and new addition to this year's conference is the men's panel entitled Men Who Get It. The Men Who Get It include Fred Keeton, chief diversity officer, vice president external affairs Caesar's Entertainment-Las Vegas; Dr. Shelton Goode, author and diversity leader, Georgia Power; Roderick Miller, President and CEO New Orleans Business Alliance; and Nolan Rollins, president and CEO of the Urban League, New Orleans, Henry Coaxum, CEO of Coaxum Enterprises, Tod Smith, General Manager of WWLTV, Damon Singleton, Meteorologist of WDSU, Dr. Andre Perry, Director at Loyola Institute, Cleveland Spears, CEO of Spears Consulting Enterprises, and others. These business professionals will discuss hot topics, and growing trends that women face in the workplace openly and honestly but they will come at it from a man's perspective. This insight into a man's point of view should prove useful when trying to market one's self in today's workforce.
It's about improving women's lives," said Greene. "It's about empowerment. It's about learning the lessons we need to teach our
Hyatt Regency New Orleans 
Hyatt Regency Hotel - Register Today
daughters and hearing the messages we need to give to empower them to move strongly into today's world. It's about benefitting and bettering women. That's why I am asking women to come and bring a sister, a friend, a daughter. It's time for us to rise up, stand up, and lift another woman up."
Event sponsors are: Hyatt Regency New Orleans, NolaWoman Magazine, New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network, The New Orleans Agenda, and Jaq's Acting Studio.
To register, go to For more information contact Nayanka Nero at 504 444 8017 or

The Historic Carver Theater
Performing Arts Center
Touching the future without disturbing the past!
Carver Theater Rendering
2101 Orleans Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70116
Opening November 2013
Welcome back to the historic Carver Theater; during the 1950's hailed as "America's finest theater exclusively for colored patrons" with the latest in technology, architectural designs, and the finest amenities.  Return as history moves forward with the installation of the Carver Theater's new state-of-the-art natural sounding Meyer Sound Constellation; an extraordinary breakthrough in sound technology which provides the  optimal acoustical experience.
Re-designed as a live performance entertainment venue primarily focus on jazz, big band ensembles, chamber music, operetta, musicals, stage plays, dance recitals, and Off-Broadway Shows; the fully renovated 16,000-square-foot theater with the "finest amenities" will comfortably seat approximately 750 guests with the ability to accommodate a greater number for non-seated performances and special events. The beamless construction and flat flooring design provides for an obstruction less view and present endless opportunities for various productions.
State of the arts technology and the development of acoustical sound barriers designed to prevent the intrusion or extrusion of sound during performances allow the Carver to create the proper ambience for live audio and video recordings by the music, film, and entertainment industry.  Located just blocks from the French Quarter, proximal to downtown New Orleans, the Carver serves as an excellent location for music conferences, film festivals, screenings, and other arts related events.
Welcome Back to the Historic Carver Theater!
Introducing Mobile Banking at Liberty Bank
Liberty Bank Mobile Banking
Liberty Bank Freedom Effect
Metro Disposal - Comprehensive Waste Management
Entergy New Orleans
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