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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

UCD CFD Blog Faculty Development: Introduction to Problem-Based Learning

Introduction to Problem-Based Learning
From my POD listserv:

Introduction to Problem-Based LearningJanuary 23-25, 2013 on the University of Delaware main campus in Newark, Delaware
You are invited to participate in a three-day introductory PBL session to be offered at the University of Delaware (UD) on Jan. 23-25, 2013. This workshop series will demonstrate problem-based learning (PBL) and model ways that PBL can be used effectively in all disciplines, in upper and lower division courses, in public schools or colleges, and in all size classes.
We will begin with a problem, and participants will work in teams to experience first-hand what this instructional approach entails. We will then move to the main focus of this program: writing effective problem-based materials. Participants will leave the session with new or revised problems for use in their courses. To learn more about PBL, visit the PBL@UD website.

The cost for the workshop series is $295, substantially lower than our typical fee. We want to encourage wide participation and support educators when finances are tight. Also, there is no cost for UD faculty or teachers from public schools.
If you are interested in participating in this session, please register by January 4, 2012.
Registration cost is $295/ person, which includes the cost of materials and refreshment breaks.
To register, please complete the registration form and submit payments by mail.
A webpage is available for information on accommodations and travel.
For more information, contact Susan Groh (


News from BioDistrict New Orleans: 11.27.2012


Volume 2 Issue: #21
November, 2012
Bio District New Orleans main image
Business Facilities ranks
Louisiana as 
On behalf of the BioDistrict New Orleans Board of Commissioners and staff, we publish our biweekly newsletter about the plans, opportunities and activities of the BioDistrict to help the community understand the vast potential we represent.
We ask for your continued support as we help attract thousands of new, high paying jobs, better healthcare and new educational opportunities in a sustainably built environment. Building the ecosystem necessary to support this industry is difficult but critical work and will be the reason we will succeed. 
Please share this newsletter with a friend, colleague or loved one looking for positive news about the future of New Orleans as the center of Southeast Louisiana's Super-Region and the emergence of a fourth pillar to our economy.

James P. McNamara
President & CEO
BioDistrict New Orleans increasing economic growth opportunities for New Orleanians through coordination, collaboration and cooperation.  
BioDistrict New Orleans - Accelerating Economic Opportunities for New Orleans
BioDistrict New Orleans: Accelerating Economic Opportunities for New Orleans

Here's a link to our current presentation: 
HIMSS Career Services (Health Information Management System Society) and the BioDistrict announce a new collaboration  
First of its kind collaboration designed to assist New Orleanians in training and certification of these highly sought after sustainable jobs in the Health IT Industry 
No words fit healthcare today better than those of Bob Dylan once sang, "the times are a changing..." The American system of healthcare delivery, medical education, and drug development are all undergoing changes at warp speed.
Another first for the BioDistrict and New Orleans, is our recently announced collaboration with HIMSS Professional Development, Career Services! and HIMSS Career Services. Our agreement calls for the formal collaboration to create career training opportunities that will support the BioDistrict's quest to create approximately 22,000 jobs during the next eight to ten years. This serves as another step towards the BioDistrict's mission to attract new industry and investment to New Orleans by solving the #1 issue holding us back -- a skilled workforce. For their part, HIMSS Career Services sees the opportunity we have created and is excited to support the various initiatives under way in the BioDistrict. The collective vision is a world-class biosciences research and development center with local, regional and global importance and an accessible healthcare delivery that provides quality care and opportunities. Through partnerships among major educational and research institutions, private companies, other government agencies, and independent foundations, the BioDistrict New Orleans will create opportunities for workforce training and research needed to build a successful biosciences industry hub. HIMSS and BioDistrict New Orleans together will work towards health IT initiatives anticipated to grow in the next several years. This collaboration will focus on educational, career support and online initiatives before and during the 2013 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, which will be held in New Orleans on March 3-7, 2013.
Landrieu and McNamara
Mayor Landrieu
"This new collaboration with HIMSS and BioDistrict New Orleans is positive news for our city, " said Mayor Landrieu "I am hopeful that this partnership will help create
new economic and workforce development opportunities in the hospitality, health IT and innovation sectors for New Orleanians." 
The synergies between the two organizations will be expanded to include other agencies with the focus on career development resources offered by HIMSS, recognizing the ongoing demand for skilled health IT employees in the BioDistrict. The Bio District, Louisiana's #1 Employment Center, and HIMSS will provide unprecedented career development resources, through white papers, webinars and other online and career-supporting tools. This information will equip current professionals to learn, grow, and advance in their health IT careers. Additional services will include the use of HIMSS JobMine job listings, online mentoring and an emerging professionals community, resources that can be used in the BioDistrict. Also available will be various HIMSS online tools for current, new and transitioning professionals who are interested in a career in health IT.
At HIMSS13, the BioDistrict will be part of the conference Career Services Institute, a full-day program on Tuesday, March 4, 2013. The Career Services Institute will feature a nationally recognized career coach and will support networking opportunities for all participants. 
HIMSS 2013, will bring in 35,000 conventioneers and 
800+ Health IT vendors to New Orleans!
Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available and remember...Be passionate about your career path and strive to make a difference and learn, learn...learn.  Technology is only the enabler; individuals will be the "transformers" of health IT in the years to come!
Those with the training and ability to oversee and operate healthcare records systems are expected to be in demand.
A person working as a medical records and health information technician can expect to handle the following types of jobs:
  • Creating and maintaining patient records, ensuring they are complete, timely and accurate.
  • Maintaining patient information for use in databases and registries.
  • Using classification codes to work with insurance companies for reimbursement purposes.
  • Tracking patient records to assess the quality of their care.
  • Helping ensure patient health information is secure.
 Jobs in the New Orleans area range from medical record coders to IT Managers:
  • Average Salary in New Orleans (As of November 13, 2012): $31,000 - $110,000
  • Available Positions to be filled in the New Orleans Area: 104+
  • In addition to HIMSS, local Training Programs:
Delgado Community College - Health Information Technology Programs
Molecular Instrument Specialist -- New
Quality System Manager
Chemical Laboratory Technician 
Program Manager 
Big Data applications to create jobs, increase research and improve healthcare delivery
Temp Worker 
BioDistrict calls for speakers in a new monthly webinar series to start in January 2013.  
Big Data is the ability to collect, process and interpret massive amounts of information and is one of today's most important technological and economic drivers. There is an emerging new industry made of companies that see healthcare as the biggest potential area of application.  
Global Big data
BioDistrict is home to the world's fastest internet connection
On any given day, the staggering amount of data collected defies human comprehension. Current estimates of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily. The requirements for trained personnel, specialized facilities and bandwidth capacity are key requirements. 
The goal of the BioDistrict is to attract more companies and new investment in the healthcare industry to accelerate creating jobs, increase research and improve healthcare delivery through real-time human health data exploration using advanced mathematics and computing technology.
There are several key objectives of the Big Data, Big Discoveries series:
1) showcase the caliber of medical research being conducted within the BioDistrict 
2) educate professionals and aspiring practitioners about the component parts of Data Science 
3) forge relationships with industry analysts, consultants and other data management pros 
4) demonstrate the various data-oriented technologies provided by enterprise software vendors 
5) attract venture capital firms who may choose to invest in projects launched within the BioDistrict 
6) build enough momentum to create a genuine buzz about innovation in the BioDistrict 
7) inspire both New Orleans residents and people around the world to work in the BioDistrict 

Although a Data Scientist is now the most coveted role in the growing field of Analytics (in Silicon Valley, such professionals can demand salaries in excess of a million dollars per year or more), there are many data management practices that are critical for delivering valuable insights. Such roles include, but are not limited to:
  • systems managers
  • software developers
  • database managers
  • data modelers
  • user interface designers
  • requirements gatherers
  • data integrators
  • business analysts
  • technology evangelists
  • data quality experts
  • industry consultants
A mantra of the Information Age calls for focusing on strengths. In a global marketplace, researchers must not only be the best in their region, but in the world. Many of the projects currently underway in the District qualify as industry-leading. We will therefore seek to highlight the most compelling stories.
Another axiom of the Internet Era is to reverse the chase: Create an atmosphere of excitement that draws people into the District. To accomplish the objective we are issuing a Call for Speakers.
The visionary thinkers intrinsically create excitement everywhere they go. These professionals are driven to share their knowledge and bring about meaningful change around them. By working with these individuals, we'll be able to build compelling story lines that can captivate an international audience and cause others to view New Orleans differently. 
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BioDistrict New Orleans: In the News 
Healthcare and Medical Research
This week on Out to Lunch, hosted by Mr. Peter  Ricchuiti had lunch with Mr. S K Khurana, the Chief Operating Officer of Bioceptive, and Ms. Tamara Kreinin, recently retired Executive Director for Women and Population at the United Nations Foundation and an investor in Bioceptive. 
HIMSS, BioDistrict to promote HIT workforce programs - Related ...
HIMSS has signed a deal with BioDistrict New Orleans to promote health IT workforce programs including educational, online and career support initiatives ... 
HIMSS and BioDistrict New Orleans Collaborate | Healthcare IT News
HIMSS Career Services and the BioDistrict of New Orleans will formally collaborate and create career training opportunities that will support the BioDistrict's ...
BioDistrict strikes partnership to boost health IT job market | New ...
The BioDistrict New Orleans announced today it will work a Chicago-based nonprofit to provide educational, career development and online initiatives in the ... 

Bio New Orleans is growing and adding to our industry network and new facilities. Recently, the New Orleans BioInnovation Center celebrated its 1st Anniversary!   
Once a dream, today the incubator is home to 29 companies employing over 47 full-time and 36 part-time positions in the emerging biosciences industry in New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana's Super - Region.  
BioDistrict New Orleans created a special group on LinkedIn called Bio New Orleans where professionals and employers can post job opportunities, discuss research findings or industry trends and network with other professionals in the biosciences industry. The aim is to create a bioscience community for job opportunities, discussions and networking.
More than 527 multi-disciplined professionals have already joined. Some are locals, some ex-pats and some have never been to New Orleans and are sharing in our growth and want to stay in touch. 
This is how industry hubs are formed, thrive and take on a life of their own.
Are YOU in the game or on the sideline?
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Vision and Value Proposition for New Orleans:
The Vision  
In 20 years BioDistrict New Orleans (the BioDistrict) will become a thriving and highly livable business, education, science and health destination.
The BioDistrict will be known for its walkable scale, new and historic neighborhoods, excellent schools and services, accessible open space and transit, and a range of stable, well- paying bioscience and health industry jobs. 
The BioDistrict will become a national model for urban revitalization and the Built Environment for healthier living, job creation and economic development.
With visionary leadership and long-term commitment, the BioDistrict can expect a host of economic benefits through the successful implementation of the Action Plan, including:
* Direct and indirect job creation 34,000 jobs
* Construction jobs 3,600 jobs
* Local Economic investment $3.3 billion
* Increased local personal earnings $2 billion
* Increased local tax revenue $1.4 billion
* Increased state tax revenue $1.9 billion 
* New and renovated buildings 11.6 million  
Positive Business Environment
Top Rankings
Just Released:
#1 - Louisiana Ranked Top State in Economic Growth Potential  - Business Facilities, August 2012
#1 - New Orleans is America's Fastest Growing City - Bloomberg -- U.S. Census Bureau
16 Years and Counting:
#1 - Xavier University graduates more pre-med students that actually attend medical school than any other university in the country 
Other Notables: 
#1 - Hospital project in the world! - Combined UMC/VA under construction on Canal Street in the BioDistrict
#1 - Brain Magnet in America - New Geography
#1 - Major Market of the Year (tie) - Southern Business & Development
#1 - IT Job Growth - Forbes
#1 - Educational Reform - Thomas B. Fordham Institute
#1 - State of the Year - Southern Business & Development
District Demographics

Transparency and predictability are critical issues for individuals and businesses thinking about investing in a community. We are making available data about the District and the area around us. We invite you to follow the link and customize your query. 
Select Biodistrict
 An array of beautifully transformed homes of all sizes offer flexibility and comfort to anyone from artists, researchers, families and singles. Most of our units are conveniently located by employment opportunities and have easy access to public transportation.
BLue Plate Artist Lofts
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Canal Housing
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in the BioDistrict
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Ur Way
 Great treats and good eats! Free WIFI for customers.
Construction Cam
Construction Cam
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BioInnovation Center
Rev. Avery C. Alexander, Jr. Academic Research Hospital
Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium
 Click here for more information on the BioInnovation and the LA Cancer 
Research Centers.  
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opportunities and partnerships.
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The BioDistrist is a Founding Member of the Workforce Collaborative

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World Trade Center
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