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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teleseminar on How to Publish Your Dissertation

You have written and successfully defended your dissertation. Now it is time to begin publishing your work. This teleseminar will walk you through the process of getting your dissertation ready for publication—whether you decide to shape it into a book manuscript or to break it into articles for submission to journals.

This teleseminar will guide you through the following steps to help you get your dissertation published:

• Targeting a Book Publisher
• Preparing the Book Proposal
• Understanding the Book Proposal Review Process
• Carving Up the Dissertation into Journal Articles
• Selecting a Journal
• Crafting and Submitting the Journal Article
• Waiting for the Peer Review

Join Caroline

Thursday, June 21st, 2012 ??
11:00 - 12:30 p.m. (Pacific)
12:00 - 1:30 p.m. (Mountain)
1:00 - 2:30 p.m. (Central)
2:00 -3:30 p.m. (Eastern)

About the Presenter

Caroline Eisner is Director of Writing at ACW. Caroline works with individual clients and small groups to develop their academic portfolios and other academic writing projects. Her previous experience includes positions as the Associate Director of the Sweetland Writing Center at the University of Michigan and as the Director of the Writing Center at Georgetown University. Caroline co-edited a collection of essays, Originality, Imitation, and Plagiarism: Teaching Writing in the Digital Age (UM Press 2008), and authored a recent article on plagiarism entitled, “Plagiarism: A Crime, Misstep, or Neither? Depends Who You Ask, and Is It Getting Worse?” At Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English, Caroline is the Director of BreadNet, a telecommunications network that connects students, teachers, and faculty year round. Caroline received a BA i n English from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in English from Middlebury College, and a PhD in British Literature from George Washington University.

Dr. Sally

Academic Coaching and Writing
Phone: 760.635.1545

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WIZ IQ FREE Webinar: Active Learning for Students & Teachers

Active Learning for Students & Teachers Public Class

Presented by:Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Sunday, May 27 2012| 10:00 AM (EST)
Starts in 9 days 17 hours 23 minutes
60 minutes

About the Class
Active learning is a weekly seminar for students and teachers. The sessions will focus on learning and how to become active learners. Teachers will learn how to promote active learning in and out of the classroom and students will learn how to become active learners. Enroll in the free course so you can practice active learning.

Watch the video recording given by Dr. Anton Tolman

Some of the topics that will be discuss are:

1. Challenges involved
2. Strategies for active learning
3. Techniques teachers can use in the classroom
4. Student & teacher resistance to active learning
5. Class management
6. Online vs face-to-face active learning
7. Personal learning
8. Reflective practice
9. Surface vs deep learning
10. Authentic Learning

Anton Tolman on Active Learning and Explanation of Metacognitive Instruments for Helping Students Become More Effective Learners

Language of instruction: English


Innovative Educators Webinars: Creating & Implementing An Online Orientation Program From The Ground Up & Building A Cost-Effective Online Orientation: Best Practices, Essential Components, & Practical Applications

Webinar Overview

An online orientation program can be an innovative, cost-effective, and practical way of facilitating transitions into higher education for many different populations. This session will highlight the utility of using online orientation for multiple institutional audiences (freshmen, transfers, parents, international students, traditional students, and non-traditional students). Presenters will provide an introduction to online orientations including relevant learning theories and best practices, as well as a preliminary planning document for use following the seminar. This session will also showcase a variety of successful online orientations that bridge populations and institutional types.
Webinar Overview
This session is designed to help orientation professionals develop and implement successful online orientation programs. Participants will be guided through the implementation process and engage in dialog with other participants and experienced professionals. This seminar will also provide participants the opportunity to begin the process of creating an action plan for initiating an online orientation at their institution.
Webinar Speakers

Clay Adams serves as the Assistant Dean for New Student Programs at Duke University. Clay joined the Duke family full-time in the summer of 2003 as a Residence Coordinator. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, a B.S. in Business Management, and a M.A. Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Clay directs all new student transition programs including: the Student Transition Series, pre-orientation programs, orientation welcome week, communications and student group advisement. In 2008 he led a project team, which ultimately developed Duke's online orientation program known on-campus as the Summer Transition Series. Clay's research interests include: international education, student transition, higher education finance and online education.

Jessica Hale is a faculty member in the Academic Skills department at Washtenaw Community College (Ann Arbor, Michigan) and an educational consultant. Prior to working with transitioning students in the classroom, Jessica coordinated WCC's Orientation program. In this capacity Jessica welcomed more than 15,000 students to WCC's campus and participated in the development and implementation of a successful online orientation. Jessica served as the co-chair of the Two Year College Network for the National Orientation Directors Association from 2007-11. In addition, she has presented at numerous national and international conferences on topics related to online orientation, educational technology, and transitional programming for students and parents. Jessica holds an M.A. in Higher Education from the University of Michigan and recently completed her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at Eastern Michigan University.

Upcoming Webinars
May 17 - College Facilities And The Safety Equation

Innovative Educators

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