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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sharing the CUR Conference highlights with you!

CUR Conference 2012

We are pleased to report that the 2012 Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Conference "Leveraging Uncertainty: Toward a New Generation of Undergraduate Research" was a resounding success!

Held on the beautiful campus of The College of New Jersey from June 23-26, 2012, the conference attracted more than 600 faculty and administrators from nearly 350 academic institutions. The conference program included stirring plenary addresses from Representative Rush Holt (NJ-12), University of Richmond President Edward Ayers, on-line education researcher Dr. Candice Thille of Carnegie-Mellon University, and Professors Amy Oakes and Dennis Smith of The College of William and Mary. Nearly 100 interactive oral and poster sessions were held over the three-day conference, allowing for intensive learning and extensive networking. Several national leaders in undergraduate research were honored, including 2012 CUR Fellows Dr. Kerry Karukstis of Harvey Mudd College, and Dr. Joyce Kinkead of Utah State University, and CUR Special Achievement Awardee Dr. James Gentile, President of the Research Corporation of Science Advancement.

For more information concerning the 2012 Conference,
please visit here. The next CUR Conference will be held in June 2014 in Washington, DC.


Elizabeth Ambos
CUR Executive Officer

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Contact the CUR National Office at 202-783-4810 or

Council on Undergraduate Research
734 15th St. N.W. Suite 550 Washington, DC 20005


Inside Higher Ed: July 10, 2012

Should studying off-campus become a new retention strategy?

Flexible degrees gain popularity as students seek greater specialization in the expanding field of engineering.


UB Web Seminar Series: Freed from the Digital Divide

University Business Web Seminars

Freed from the Digital Divide
Tuesday, July 26, 2012 at 2pm, ET
Higher education is firmly wedged between two worlds: the theories and foundations behind the teaching and education business is the same, but the methods of delivery and relevance continue to change. Whether your goal is to inspire students to choose your school, or build clout by publishing your university's research, or invoke a response from alumni donors, how you reach and inspire your audience is shifting to the digital realm. Among some it is causing a severe digital divide between the education industry and its audience. However, universities and colleges can keep up with the trend while also keeping an eye on tightening budgets with strategic digital publishing.
In this web seminar, we will explore methods of engaging new audiences and achieving goals for growth. We will seek to answer questions such as:
  • How does the design of a digital magazine compare to the design of your typical website?
  • How does a digital brochure or magazine fit in with your overall online presence?
  • Does a digital version promote growth?
Who will benefit:
Presidents, publication directors, advancement and alumni relations officers, admissions directors. Anyone may attend.
Continuing Education Certification:
All attendees of this live web seminar will receive confirmation of their participation, which may be used for purposes of CEU certification where applicable.
Sponsored by Nxtbook Media

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University Business
produces web seminars on topics of special interest to higher education leaders. Moderated by UB's Web Seminar Editor, JD Solomon, each web seminar features presentations by higher education leaders and industry experts. These online events are underwritten by our sponsors so that you may view them for free.
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Rachel Coker - Director of Research Advancement, SUNY-Binghamton.


Academic Impressions Webcast: Integrating Information Literacy in the First Year

July 23, 2012 :: 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. EDT

Early bird pricing expires Monday, July 16 register now to save $75!

Help set new students up for success by preparing them to better use library resources on your campus.
Many first-year programs incorporate information literacy peripherally; the highest impact, however, comes from making it an integral part of the first-year curriculum.
Program Overview | Pricing & Registration | Agenda
In this webcast, our expert instructor will showcase institutions who have developed successful information literacy programs while providing information and advice on the following:
  • How to utilize librarians in curriculum planning
  • Creating research-based learning outcomes that address information literacy
  • Ways to develop authentic and engaging research experiences and assignments for first-year students
  • Fostering collaboration between librarians and first-year seminar faculty
View the complete agenda.

"The webinar stimulated discussion between attending librarians and faculty about information literacy and embedded librarianship. This is the first webinar I’ve participated in where attendees lingered to talk about the content of the webinar. … This was a very positive and unexpected outcome!"
- Bev Sedlacek, Library Director, Nebraska Methodist College

Register online or call 720.488.6800. Want to share this valuable information with your entire staff? A CD recording of the live webcast is also available for purchase.
Questions? Call us to help determine if this event is right for you.


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