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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dillard Today: A Monthly E-Newsletter From Dillard University - August 2012

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A Monthly E-Newsletter From Dillard University

August 2012

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8/15-8/16 -- Faculty/Staff Institute

8/18-8/24 -- S.O.A.R. (Student Orientation, Advising & Registration)

8/27 -- Fall 2012 Classes Begin

9/10-9/16 -- International Week

11/11 -- Founders' Day

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S.O.A.R. Fall 2012


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Welcome to the August 2012 edition of the Dillard Today E-Newsletter. This month we review some of the exciting things that happened on campus this summer, and turn an eye toward the fall semester. In less than two weeks, the Class of 2016 will begin its Dillard journey. Move-in day is always one of the most emotional days on the Avenue of the Oaks. We realize it can be difficult to say goodbye to loved ones, so we try to pack the first weekend of orientation (Aug. 18-19) with as much fun and informational programming as possible for both students and parents. We hope you can join us. Here's to another great academic year. Ex fide fortis!


Mona Duffel Jones
Senior Director, University Communications

Fall 2012 Classes Begin on Aug. 27
There's still time to enroll! Space is available for the freshman Class of 2016. Are you a prospective student? Take a look at our degree programs, and apply today. Do you know someone looking for a high-quality undergraduate education on a beautiful HBCU campus in New Orleans? Refer them to our admissions team. Concerned about how to pay for a college education? Our financial aid staff is here to help you.

Dillard University will begin another academic year when Fall 2012 classes commence on Monday, Aug. 27. Freshmen and transfer students will attend S.O.A.R. (Student Orientation, Advising & Registration) from Aug. 18-24. Tuesday, Aug. 28 is the last day students will be admitted for the Fall 2012 semester.

Nursing School Hosts Urban League Youth

From July 25-28, New Orleans hosted the 2012 National Urban League Conference, the theme of which was "Occupy the Vote: Employment & Education Empower the Nation." President Barack Obama was among the event's many distinguished guests. Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough addressed the congregation at a plenary session on the state of urban education.

Every year, the Urban League hosts a Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) in conjunction with the conference, and on July 28, 60 high school seniors from 13 states visited Dillard to learn about the field of nursing. Dillard's nursing faculty and students gave the YLS participants a tour of DU's facilities, taught them how to test blood pressure and pupillary reactions, demonstrated nursing patient simulators, and answered lots of questions. To learn more, click here.

Dillard Students Conduct Cancer Research

On July 20, the 2012 Summer Scholars Research Program held the closing ceremony for its eight-week session at LSU Health Sciences Center. The program, which is sponsored in part by the Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center (a collaboration of Dillard and LSUHSC), pairs undergraduate and medical students with doctoral mentors. The students then spend the summer designing and conducting cancer research projects.

This year's group of 23 students was chosen from a pool of 180 applicants. Seven of the participants attend Dillard. They include: Andrew Tadros (pictured), Virginia White, Morgan Wilson, Tanesia Patterson, Michael Brathwaite, Jared Gambrell, and James Haydel IV.

Since its inception, 388 students have completed the Summer Scholars Research Program. Over 60 peer reviewed publications and 75 abstracts have been authored by students who participated. Eleven of the students have gone on to become clinical oncologists. Congratulations to all of the 2012 participants!

A's & Aces Dedicates Shade Structure at DU

On July 19, A's & Aces, a non-profit organization that provides academic assistance, life skills and tennis instruction to New Orleans public school students, dedicated a new 15' X 30' shade structure for the bleachers facing Dillard's tennis courts. The shade structure was paid for by a grant from the American Academy of Dermatology. Dr. Kimbrough spoke to the program's young participants at the dedication.

Dillard University is proud to host A's & Aces programs year-round, both in its classrooms and on its tennis courts. The organization, which was founded in 2008, is working to fight illiteracy, violence and obesity among New Orleans's youth.
To learn more about A's & Aces, click here.


Teaching Millennial Students

Millennial students are students entering college after the year 2000. Neil Howe and William Strauss in their work, Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation (2000), describe millennial students using the following core personality traits:
  • Special
  • Sheltered
  • Confident
  • Team-Oriented
  • Conventional
  • Pressured
  • Achieving
In her article "Teaching, Learning and Millennial Students" (2004), Maureen E. Wilson makes recommendations for enhancing teaching effectiveness for Millennial students. These include:
  1. Student-Faculty Contact: Millennials who have had sheltered lives and have involved parents need to learn how to take responsibility for their own learning, how to relate to authority figures and how to advocate for themselves. Quality student-faculty contact can enhance students' motivation and enthusiasm for their own educational experience.
  2. Reciprocity and Cooperation: Millennial students have grown up working in groups and playing on teams. Since working with others can strengthen the learning environment for all students, Millennials are more likely to collaboratively work with their peers to enhance their own learning.
  3. Active Learning: Active and engaged learning is another aspect of optimal student learning. Using active learning strategies such as discussions, reflection activities, group projects and cooperative problem-solving can deepen students' understanding of course material and ability to apply new ideas. Since Millennials have a team-orientation, they ought to greatly benefit from active learning opportunities.
  4. Feedback: Most research on improving student learning emphasizes the need for prompt, frequent and constructive feedback from faculty to students. This type of feedback can help Millennial students to more effectively understand their strengths and weaknesses and lessen the pressure to achieve.
  5. Time on Task: Students must devote adequate time and effort to their academic endeavors in order to enhance the quality of their learning. Although Millennial students are confident and achieving, they may underestimate the time that is necessary for academic success. Faculty can help their Millennial students to learn how to better manage their time and efforts in order for them to achieve their academic goals.
  6. High Expectations: When faculty set high expectations for their students' learning, students will strive to meet these expectations that lead to enhanced learning. Faculty can help Millennial students by teaching them to think more critically and with more complexity, instead of just "teaching for the test."
  7. Diverse Talents and Ways of Knowing: Students' learning styles differ, which requires effective faculty to use a variety of teaching strategies. Millennials' achievement orientation will be challenged by any type of failure. By helping Millennial students to use different types of learning strategies in different situations, faculty are helping these students to be critical thinkers and adaptive learners.

It is critical to note that general group characteristics of Millennial students cannot accurately describe individual students. It is the broad understanding of the issues faced by Millennial students that can help faculty to create active, effective and engaging learning environments for his/her students.

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TLT Group TGIF 8.7.2012

Fourteenth issue, Volume five

TLT Group TGIF 8.7.2012           
From TLT Group World Headquarters
Join us for the 1st of 3 online symposium sessions tomorrow, Wed. 8/8 1 pm ET.  Our guest will be Valerie Martin Conley, Associate Professor & Director, Center for Higher Education, Ohio University.

"Her research interests focus on faculty retirement, part-time faculty, academic labor market and management issues. "Some of her recent publications include ...New Ways to Phase into Retirement: Options for Faculty and Institutions (a co-edited volume of New Directions for Higher Education with David W. Leslie)."- above excerpt is from Aug 2, 2012

Together we will explore some of these questions related to retirement.
  • Is it possible you might be closer to retirement than you think?
  • Is it possible you might already be retired - and not know it?
  • Can you imagine what you will be doing in your retirement?
  • What might you gain or lose if you accept retirement sooner than you wish?
  • What do you want from an 'online retirement community'?
  • What  could an "online retirement community" be?
  • What could a “Silver Cloud University” be?
The symposium is free to TLT group or individual members,  Another great reason for becoming a member. Not a member yet, click here to join.
More from the TLT-SWG Blog:

What do YOU want higher ed leaders to consider when changing faculty retirement policies? #silvercloudtltg

RESOURCES "Silver Cloud" Online Symposium 1pmET Aug8 ABOUT&FOR higher ed. retirees help colleagues/undergrads online #silvercloudtltg

ACE/Sloan "Faculty Retirement Transitions... Sloan Projects for Faculty Career Flexibility" #silvercloudtltg

"Silver Cloud" Online Symposium 1pmET Aug 8+ ABOUT&FOR Future/Recent/Pseudo Retirees. Explore roles, TLTG workshops #SilverCloudTLTG

Silver Cloud Symposium:  Who are Silver Cloudians?  What can they offer?  What do they want, need?
August 8, 14, and 16 at 1:00 - 2:00pm Eastern.  
Free to TLT Group Individual Members; Fee for non-member registration is $250. Register

“Silver Cloudians”:  aka people recently retired from the academy,  people considering retirement, people who can/cannot imagine retirement!  Part of the VERY rapidly growing demographic cohort of seniors!
The “Silver Cloud” includes many talented, experienced academics who are moving beyond the traditional endings of their careers.  “We’re not finished!”

How can Silver Cloudians use Internet resources and online skills to continue to contribute?  Contribute to undergraduates? Contribute to professional colleagues at earlier stages of their careers?  Contribute to other Silver Cloudians?

What kinds of skills and resources do Silver Cloudians want/need to contribute in these ways?   Join Steve Gilbert, President of the TLT Group and Director of the Online Institute, and guests as we explore this topic together and collaboratively create specific online workshops to be offered by TLT Group in 2012-2013 - from and for silver cloudians.
Guest presenters will share their stories and information.
FridayLive! is on summer vacation until August 31, 2012 but you can join us on  Fridays until then for Summer Reruns (2:00 PM ET) here is the line up:
  • August 10th Gearing Up for the Online Teaching Experience
    August 17th Enders Game
  • August 24th There’s an Ap for That
For Free Registration, Click here

Registration for FridayLive!
  • August 31 Measuring the Effectiveness of Faculty Learning Communities: Is It a Viable Alternative for Faculty Development? 2:00 pm EDT....Free to all.

  • September 7 How to Enhance Moderation of Online Discussion - Voice of the Chat, 2:00 pm EDT....Free to all.

Call for proposals.  We are inviting members to offer FridayLive!  sessions. Look for more information, coming soon.

Encourage. Enable. Engage.


Inside Higher Ed Webinar: Reaching First Generation College Students
Reaching First Generation College Students

The authors of "First Generation College Students: Understanding and Improving the Experience From Recruitment to Commencement" (Jossey-Bass). Lee Ward (director of career and academic planning at James Madison University and founder of the university’s Student Learning Institute), Michael J. Siegel (associate professor and director of the administration of higher education program at Suffolk University) and Zebulun Davenport (vice chancellor for student affairs at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis) will discuss a range of the issues colleges need to know about first generation students. Register early -- by August 7 -- and save $50.


Inside Higher Ed: Completion-Focused Financial Aid & Unbalancing Sheets

As part of larger Gates Foundation effort, new panel aims to reimagine federal aid design and delivery to improve student outcomes. The effort is stoking suspicions.

A change in pension accounting metrics could upend university balance sheets, threatening everything from accreditation to federal financial aid.


TLT Group Inc. Cloud Summer Symposium begins August 8th 2012

Silver Cloud Summer Symposium begins August 8th. 
Register here.  (FREE to individual Members  $250 to others.)

Together we will explore some of these questions related to retirement
·  Is it possible you might be closer to retirement than you think?

·  Is it possible you might already be retired - and not know it?

·  Can you imagine what you will be doing in your retirement?

·  What you might gain or lose if you accept retirement sooner than you wish?

·  What do you want from an 'online retirement community'?

·  What  could an "online retirement community" be?

What infrastructure might the TLT Group provide which can help Silver Cloudians continue to serve and continue to learn?

The symposium is free to TLT group or individual members,  Another great reason for becoming a member.  Not a member yet, 
click here to join.

Please let me know if you have any difficulty with the registration system.  We've had a couple glitches which we believe are now fixed.