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Thursday, May 19, 2011

From TLT Group World Headquarters! The Center Column - "Holy ****, you're actually listening to me" Student-faculty collaboration to improve courses

Successful in several courses over several years at Elon University: Faculty invite students to help improve next offering of course…. Collaboration initiated by experienced faculty who believe students who recently took a course were not learning something important - not learning it easily or well enough. 1 faculty + a few students per course, all volunteers, meet 6-8 times before course begins again. Students encouraged to share expertise on student experience, attitudes. Faculty encouraged to share expertise in subject, course, teaching.
Students read work of previous students, observe current class, provide peer view of student learning; privacy, confidentiality honored. Students like being listened to by faculty: "Holy ****, you're actually listening to me"

Join FridayLive! tomorrow 5/20 at 2:00pm to hear more from faculty and students at Elon University.

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