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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Campus Technology Archived Webinar: Strategies for Successful Clicker Implementation and Growth

As colleges and universities continue to look for ways to improve student retention and encourage deeper learning, many institutions are turning to clicker technology as a proven method for stimulating conversation, measuring student attitudes and driving active learning in the classroom.

Get real-world faculty and administrator perspective on the organization, implementation and growth of clicker technology. Attend this webcast to hear from Professor Matt Evans and Instructional Program Manager Cindy Albert of the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire as they share:

What you need to consider when adopting classroom response systems
How implementing clicker technology can enhance the pedagogy of traditional, open and distance learning environments
Strategies for communicating the value of clickers in the classroom to faculty
Best practices for implementing clickers in the classroom
Presented by:

Matt Evans, associate professor of Physics, University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire

Cindy Albert, instructional program manager, University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire
Moderated by: Linda Briggs, contributing editor, Campus Technology

Original Webinar Air Date: April 7, 2011

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