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Friday, April 20, 2012

Submit a Proposal for Clickers 2012 Today!

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Don't forget to submit a proposal for the second annual Clickers 2012 conference. The conference explores how clickers and other classroom technologies can enable institutions and faculty to respond to the transformation of the learning environment into an interactive space.

Please click here for submission and selection criteria.

Also: Happy Tax Week! Those who submit a proposal by Wednesday, April 25th will receive a discount code for 15% off the cost of registration for Clickers 2012.*  
*Proposals will be selected through a neutral selection committee and i>clicker does not guarantee your propoal will be selected.  Your discount code will be valid regardless of your proposal's selection status.
Clickers 2012 Conference
October 25-26, 2012
Chicago, IL

Sponsored by i>clicker, Ball State University Office of Educational Excellence, and Loyola University.


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