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Monday, September 10, 2012

IEPEC Submit Abstracts; Work in Europe; White Certificate Workshop Materials Posted


In this E-Note
Call for Abstracts now open
Renaissance Hotel Chicgo
It's Chicago for August 2013!
Conference August 13 -15, 2013
Workshops on August 12 
Topical ideas for 2013 include: 
Green Button Programs
Closing the Loop--Integrating Evaluation into Planning
Consistency and Compatibility for Data and Methods
Consumer Marketing and Intelligence
Evaluating Energy Products and Services
Understanding Customers and Customer Behavior
Process Evaluation
Monitoring and Evaluation of Markets and Market Transformation (MT)
Energy Efficiency in the Context of Sustainability
Evaluation of Demand Response (DR) Programs
Evaluation Designs, Implementation, and Results
Regulatory Issues
Evaluation Standards and Guidelines
Public Policy Issues
International Energy Program Evaluation
Chicago!--The Renaissance Hotel on the river at 1 West Wacker Drive, Room rate will be $189/night plus taxes (includes in room WI-Fi).  As is our mission, it is a hotel committed to improving profit margin through efficiency. 
Mondays June 12th White Certificates Workshop
 PowerPoints Posted
Tuesday June 12 through Thursday June 14 Conference's
On Our Website-New RFP's and Job Opportunities Posted
Opportunities posted also for Europe
  • Database for Energy Efficiency Resources (DEER) and Ex Ante Regulatory Support
  • Independent Consultant for Evaluation and Market Characterization of Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Energy Engineer
  • Senior Consultant - Energy Efficiency, Demand Side Management
  • Conservation Planning, Implementation and Evaluation Manager (Mgr 3 - Utils)
  • Project Manager - Energy Efficiency Program Evaluation
  • Senior Consultant - Energy Efficiency, Demand Side Management (Seattle, WA)
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment in Buildings - Ispra, Italy
IEPEC Conference
800 University Bay Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53705   608.216.7164


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