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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TLT Group Inc. TGIF -- It’s Midterm for sMOOChers and more about Social Collaboration

Twenty second issue, Volume Five

TLT Group TGIF 10.24.2012           
From TLT Group World Headquarters
TLT Group Institutional Subscribers Did You Know!

One of the TLT Group’s newest subscribing colleges asked us to register the entire faculty and staff as individual TLT Group members.  This Institution set a new precedent by taking advantage of a long-standing institutional subscription benefit in a new way.  Every individual affiliated with a TLT Group  institutional subscriber is entitled to a FREE individual membership for the duration of that subscription.  We’ll be working with this institution to develop new ways to use our services and resources to support the college’s faculty and professional development goals.
More from the TLT-SWG Blog:

20+ good higher ed Social Media/Networking Tools/Resources from TLTGroup online free FridayLive! Oct19 #TLTGfrlv

Online Workshops
NEW FOR November!!!
20+ good higher ed Social Media/Networking Tools/Resources from TLTGroup Dates and times to follow.

Silver Cloud  - Revisioning and Supporting Retirement Transitions
“...what I really wish someone had told me.”  Look for new dates and times to come

Demysifying Accreditation
Look for new dates and times to come
sMOOChers Mid-Term Update - What are we learning from participating in the MOOC “Current/Future State of Higher Education” [CFHE12]
FridayLive! Free online Oct26 2pm ET.  online Free Register in advance

Dale Parker will summarize and evaluate our 3 categories for reflection as we participate in CFHE12 and comment on implications for adult learners:

  • Process:  Reflection about Experience(about our shared experience in a MOOC as it happens - focus on process)
  • Content:  Adaptation and Application of Resources (to our own institutions and individual situations of the information and resources provided by the MOOC - focus on content)
  • Support:  Develop New Roles (to help students learn from MOOCs)

Nancy Smulsky will review and extend her comments about the quality and variety of resources within CFHE12, the effectiveness (or lack) of interactivities within CFHE12, and the significance of being unable to view/use MOOC resources prior to the week for which they are designated.  

Jane Harris will be unable to join us live on Oct 26, but will share some of her notes and list of recommended readings based on her experience within CFHE12 (and elsewhere).

Steve Gilbert will invite more discussion about the role of scheduled synchronous events within MOOCs and other online educational activities.  He will ask participants about their own experiences with synchronous online elements within larger courses, MOOCs, programs, including these and other questions:

·  In what ways are scheduled synchronous online sessions helpful to learners who prefer or need more external structure and guidance for their own learning, even when those learners are highly motivated to master the course content?  In what ways does  it matter, if at all, if the synchronous sessions are required, recommended, or purely optional?
  • In what ways do scheduled synchronous online sessions deter learners who prefer or need flexible schedules from participating in online courses, MOOCs, et al. ?  In what ways does it matter, if at all, if the synchronous sessions are required, recommended, or purely optional?
  • In what ways does it matter, if at all,  which media are used and which kinds of equipment are required for synchronous sessions?  Pure text?  Multi-way voice via telephone?  Webinar?  Two-way video?  Etc.

We will also discuss additional plans and questions to enhance our participation in the last weeks of CFHE12 and guide our preparation of final comments during FridayLive!  November 30, 2012.  NOTE:  Jane Marcus offered to prepare some notes and comments - based on her recent observations of MOOC-like developments at Stanford and elsewhere -  in time for the final session.

3 Generations View of Improving Teaching, Learning...with Technology

with Derek Bruf, Milt Cox, Stephen Kaufman,&  Timothy Lomardo FridayLive! Free online Nov2 2pm ET online Free Register in advance
Is higher education changing too fast or too slowly?  In the past few decades, higher education has often been criticized for changing too fast AND for changing too slowly.  Is Charles Dickens always right?  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” This multi-generational panel will focus on the past, present, and future of ho
we teach, how we learn, and how faculty members adapt. We’ll try to “clothe the emperor”
 sMOOCHer Week Three is underway
join our sMOOChers forum as we talk together and make sense of this whole MOOC thing. Use Twitter hashtag #tltgSMOOCHERS

This is a great video of Martin Weller interviewing Dave Cormier and George Siemens on  MOOCs.  I highly recommend it.

sMOOChers  Smart MOOCs Higher Education Research Subgroup
October 8 -November 18 2012
PLUS FridayLive! follow ups on October 12, 26. and November 30th 1:00-2:00 pm EDT  
This workshop is free to TLT Group Individual Members. Click here to register and stay up-to-date with MOOC related discussions and events. Our online MOOC exploration will focus on this MOOC “Current/Future State of Higher Education” (CFHE12). “The course starts October 8, 2012.” You will need to register separately by following this link.
Twitter hash tag:  #tltgSMOOCHERS
Encourage. Enable. Engage.



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