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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

POD 2012/13 Core Committee Election - VOTE TODAY!

Dear Colleague,

As a POD member, you are invited to vote in the 2012/13 Core Committee election (choosing five 

POD members who will serve from 2013-2016). The Core Committee is POD's board of directors. 

As such, it oversees and guides the affairs, activities, and assets of the POD Network.

The statements of this year's fourteen candidates have been posted on wikiPODia here.
Please read each candidate's statement before voting. You may vote for up to five candidates.

When ready to vote, please click here to select your candidates using Survey Monkey.

Votes will be accepted until 7:00 PM Eastern on Wednesday, February 13.

Please note that Survey Monkey system allows only one vote per user. Note too that your ballot 

is not officially cast until you click the "submit" button on the Survey Monkey page.

Thanks in advance,



Hoag Holmgren

Executive Director

Professional & Organizational Development (POD) Network in Higher Education


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