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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The National Teaching & Learning Forum Insider

National Teaching and Learning Forum

The National Teaching & Learning Forum Insider

Welcome to the new Forum
You may already know the Forum. It’s been a leading voice in the conversation on improving teaching and learning in higher education for over twenty years. This year the Forum became an imprint of Jossey-Bass/Wiley, joining an eminent family of publications in higher education. Please take a look — or perhaps I should say “a listen,” because the Forum is a conversation, filled with many well-informed, interesting voices. As a faculty member wrote a few weeks ago, “I love the friendliness and informality of this publication, like chatting with colleagues.” Join us — the Insider is free, a great way to see what’s coming in the next full issue. We’re also on Facebook. (Who isn’t??)
--James Rhem, Executive Editor

Our current issue is now available.
Subscribers are now reading our current issue! Read our Editor's Note online for free.
Contemplative Pedagogy
A two part series on a growing movement in higher education that seeks to invite the cultivation of habits of thought and feeling that help students make sense, even wisdom, out of the facts, figures, theories and skills they’re learning. Read Part Two of Contemplative Pedagogy online for free.

An Interview with Richard Davidson
Davidson, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, talks about his latest book — The Emotional Life of Your Brain — in the ever-growing context of neurobiological research on learning.

Seeing Critical Thinking
Young-Kyung Min, of the University of Washington, Bothell, describes how the campus writing program uses a Visual Thinking Strategies exercise to help students appreciate the meaning and use of critical thinking.

Ad Rem
MOOCs: What Part of Learning Goes on Where and How?
Marilla Svinicki of the University of Texas at Austin closes each issue with a reflection, such as her recent thoughts on MOOCs and how their possibilities square with what we know about teaching and learning.

Developer’s Diary
Ed Nuhfer, who has been exploring metadisciplinarity, will next examine the difference between scientific thinking and technological thinking and looks at disciplines that use both.

Mike Rogers takes various perspectives on how and when technology helps teaching improve — and when, perhaps, it doesn’t. In a forthcoming issue, he will be looking at Jose Bowen’s Teaching Naked (which got its start as an article in the Forum!).

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