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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FREE Learninghouse Webinar: Building Capacity for Student Success: A Case Study


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Online academic advising has evolved. Have you?

The Learning House, Inc. invites you to join us for our next free webinar, "Building Capacity for Student Success: A Case Study," presented by Dr. Carol Ziegler, of Notre Dame College, and Dr. Howell Williams and Michael Tyree, of Learning House.
Effective online academic advising can improve student outcomes and increase retention. Learn how one school successfully implemented best practices to provide students with responsive, proactive assistance. We will discuss:
  • The Appreciative Advising approach in an online environment
  • Best practices for success coaching
  • How these techniques have been applied at Notre Dame College
  • Lessons learned from Notre Dame College
Todd Zipper
Dr. Carol Ziegler
Chief Mission Officer, Notre Dame College

Dr. Carol Ziegler is a Sister of Notre Dame and an assistant professor at Notre Dame College... more
Todd Zipper
Dr. Howell Williams
Senior Director of Client Services, Learning House

As the Senior Director of Client Services for Learning House, Dr. Howell Williams reviews and investigates institution-wide student ... more
Todd Zipper
Michael Tyree
Director of Student Success, Learning House

Michael Tyree, Director of Student Success for Learning House, ensures that online students have access to resources... more
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The Learning House, Inc.
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