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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

FREE LearningHouse Webinar: Building Capacity for Student Success: A Case Study



Upcoming Webinar

Building Capacity for Student Success

Online academic advising not only helps students achieve their educational goals, it also can improve retention rates. Online academic advisers may proactively monitor student performance, assist with goal setting and provide regular contact to help students feel involved in the institutional community. As online programs continue to grow, however, the role of online academic advisers also expands.

In this webinar, learn best practices for online academic advising and hear how one school has successfully used these relationships to increase enrollment and retention. Dr. Howell Williams and Michael Tyree, of The Learning House, Inc., and Dr. Carol Ziegler, Chief Mission Officer, from Notre Dame College, will discuss:

·         The Appreciative Advising approach in an online environment

·         Best practices for success coaching

·         How these techniques have been applied at Notre Dame College

·         Lessons learned at Notre Dame College

About the presenters:

About Dr. Carol Ziegler

Dr. Carol Ziegler is a Sister of Notre Dame and an assistant professor at Notre Dame College. She came to Notre Dame in 2007 from Lesley University in Massachusetts. She primarily serves as Chief Mission Officer for the college and is the national accreditation chair for the Division of Professional Education. Carol has written and conducted research on adjunct faculty orientation in higher education. She advises students at the graduate, undergraduate and post-baccalaureate levels. She believes that faculty advising work should highly correlate with the mission of Notre Dame, which calls for the community to care for one another.

About Dr. Howell Williams

As the Senior Director of Client Services for Learning House, Dr. Howell Williams reviews and investigates institution-wide student satisfaction issues and provides client colleges and universities with best practices and tools to meet student needs, as well as overall direction and management of success coaches and advisers. She has extensive experience helping higher education institutions create positive learning environments that feature comprehensive yet high impact student services.

About Michael Tyree

Michael Tyree, Director of Student Success for Learning House, ensures that online students have access to resources that will enhance and encourage engagement in their education with an overarching aim of increasing retention and graduation rates. He shapes strategy and oversees implementation through a team of Success Coaches who work with students directly to integrate support services for the undergraduate and graduate student. Areas of assistance include goal setting, educational and career planning, academic planning and problem solving. Michael has almost a decade’s worth of experience in online education and working with diverse student populations.


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