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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Innovative Educators Webinar: From Podium to Podcast: How To Flip Your Classroom & Enhance Student Engagement

Tuesday, April 23 ~ 1:00-2:30pm EDT
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Webinar Overview
Are you interested in flipping your classroom but not sure where to begin? Are you curious about this trend and how it can be applied to your college classroom? This webinar will take a close look at what happens when the traditional method of lecturing and assigning homework is reversed; when students receive lectures through video outside of class and use class time to complete homework, solve problems, and collaborate with the instructor and other students.

In this webinar we will prove that flipping college courses is an excellent way to address some of the major concerns in today's institutions of higher learning. A flipped course can enhance student engagement by maximizing time for problem solving and student-student/ student -teacher interaction. In addition, providing opportunities for off-campus content delivery can address the attendance and scheduling issues experienced by many adult learners. Participants will gain practical suggestions, effective strategies, and a checklist of helpful items to use in developing a flipped format.
Webinar Objectives
NOTE: The issues addressed during the webinar will be universal. Both 2 and 4-year institutions will benefit from the content.
  • Be able to define and describe the flipped class model in a community college setting
  • Learn how flipping a course can overcome course management issues
  • Discuss advantages of the blended format in a flipped classroom
  • Gain practical insight from experienced classroom faculty
  • Improve alignment of course content to course objectives and/or outcomes
  • Distinguish which types of course content are best suited for on-campus rather than off-campus presentations
  • Learn how to adapt course materials for flipped format
  • Consider strategies for encouraging student engagement in the flipped classroom
  • Explore software and technology that enhances course content for off-campus presentation
  • Identify resources for off-campus lectures
Webinar Speaker(s) 
Anne Distler graduated with a BS in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame in 1999 and a PhD in Chemistry from Michigan State University in 2003. At both universities, Dr. Distler served as an instructor and teaching assistant. After completing a post-doctoral fellowship at Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Distler continued her work at the university as a member of the research faculty in the Department of Pharmacology. In 2009, she accepted a tenure-track faculty position at Cuyahoga Community College. Since returning to teaching, Dr. Distler has taught multiple levels of chemistry in traditional, online, and blended formats, utilizing a number of new technologies in the classroom and Blackboard course sites. By utilizing technology, students have access to the course materials presented in multiple formats, accommodating different learning styles and increasing student engagement. Dr. Distler also serves as a subject matter expert with McGraw-Hill publishers, collaborating on the LearnSmart program available with the publisher's Chemistry textbooks.
"If you've ever had too much instructional material to cover and too little class time, then you should consider flipping your course"
Terri Pope graduated with a BS in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University in 1980 and a Ph.D in Nutritional Biochemistry from The Ohio State University in 1984. She began teaching at Cuyahoga Community College following a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University. A tenured Professor with over 26 years of teaching experience, she has seen the college classroom move from podium to podcast. A recent recipient of the Ralph Besse Award for teaching excellence, Dr. Pope uses active learning strategies to teach a wide variety of courses to a diverse student population in traditional, online, and blended formats. She has been teaching online for 10 years and was an early adopter of the blended format. Dr. Pope has written several Laboratory manuals and has used a BlackBoard site to create a Virtual Biology Study Lab to provide students 24/7 access to laboratory image collection. She has been using technology to blend, flip, and shake up her science curriculum.
Innovative Educators

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