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Monday, March 4, 2013

TLT Group: Archive for FridayLive! from March 1 John Sener returns!

We just linked FridayLive! archive for last week. 
As an individual member, you have some privileges:

EVERYONE can view the session text chat transcript and additional resources on the TLT-SWG Blog.
(You can find the session on the Blog index or by searching on the session title.)

Individual Members can view the archive of the session here: 2013  This is a Members Only are of the website and will require login and password.

Individual Members can access annotated links to resources from/related to the TLT Group's online sessions available via DIIGO repository at   (Maintained by Dale Parker.  Thanks! )

Next weeks FridayLive! 2:00 pm Eastern sessions listed here.

Register today.  If you do register, be sure to login to the session early.  (1:45 Eastern enables you to check your connection, microphone etc.)

Please let us know if you have ideas for topics and presenters for FridayLive!   Thank you!   That will be very helpful to us as we put together the most thoughtful and useful sessions we can.

Thank you,


A special note to TLT Group Individual Members:

  • You can register for FASTPASS today and be automatically registered for all FridayLive! sessions; login information will be sent to you automatically on the Thursday before a FridayLive!
  • A Certificate of Participation is available to you if you attended the webcast. Please contact Sally Gilbert with your institution and name as it needs to appear on the certificate.
  • ALSO remember that Individual Members can have access to all archived sessions.


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