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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Book Signing: The Wrong Complexion For Protection - Dr. Robert Bullard & Dr. Beverly Wright Featured in New Orleans Agenda

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Tuesday,   April 2,  2013   
                     For Immediate Release
Book Signing: The Wrong Complexion for Protection, Robert D. Bullard and Beverly Wright
Book Signing: The Wrong Complexion for Protection
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HBCU Student Climate Change Conference
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National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana Offers Free Kidney Screenings
During March/April, National Kidney Month
Kidney Health Screening
Contact:   Julie Gable, Program Services Director
NEW ORLEANS - March is National Kidney Month and the National Kidney Foundation is urging area residents to give their kidneys a well-deserved checkup. 
Throughout the months of March and April, the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana will hold free screenings through the Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP) in New Orleans and Marrero.
More than 26 million Americans have kidney disease, but most don't realize it. One in three Americans are at risk for kidney disease due to high blood pressure, diabetes or a family history of kidney disease. Undetected, kidney disease can lead to kidney failure and the need for dialysis or an organ transplant.
"Keeping diabetes or high blood pressure under control can prevent kidney disease, so it's important that people understand the link between those conditions and kidney disease. Those at risk should get screened as well since early detection and if necessary, medical intervention, can often delay the onset of kidney disease," said Julie Gable, Program Services Director.
Because identification of the disease is such an important first step, free KEEP screenings will be held throughout greater New Orleans.  The KEEP screenings are open to those at risk who are 18 years old and above.  The at risk criteria includes those with high blood pressure or diabetes; or those with a family history of these medical conditions or chronic kidney disease. Appointment times for the screenings will be available from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on:
  • April 10, 2013 at Progressive Baptist Church, 1214 So. Robertson, New Orleans
  • April 20, 2013 at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church, 445 Ames, Marrero
The screening will provide participants with blood pressure and BMI measurements, urine analysis, blood test (including glucose, cholesterol, hemoglobin, and kidney function) and the opportunity to discuss their health and review results with an onsite physician. Pre-registration and appointments are required for the free screening. You may contact the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana at 504.861.4500 or visit to learn more about KEEP and kidney disease.
The National Kidney Foundation is the leading organization in the U.S. dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals, millions of patients and their families and tens of millions of Americans at risk.
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New York City Jazz Record calls Stephanie Jordan's CD a knockout 
New York City Jazz Record
"Finally, Stephanie Jordan's cohesive album The 
Stephanie Jordan Big Band: Yesterday When I Was Young (A Tribute to Lena Horne) (Vige) is a straightahead knockout. Since surviving Hurricane Katrina, Jordan picked herself up and this album unites her with Horne's kindred steadfast spirit. The music is a tribute to persistence, a quality Jordan's voice embodies." 
- Katie Bull, The New York City Jazz Record
Gone Today, Here Tomorrow
by Katie Bull, April 2013  
The New York Jazz Record -  Why is it that when a jazz vocalist performs a tribute to a vocal jazz icon some ask, "Are they just doing
Stephanie Jordan with Lena Horne
Jazz Vocalist Stephanie Jordan
a sound-alike night or will they innovate?" When an instrumentalist performs a tribute to a 'Great', it is assumed they will bring their own artistry to the act of honoring legacy. So the above question reveals a different set of assumptions for jazz vocalists. This month we have the opportunity to hear singers offer tributes to those who are no longer with us. Consider the singers' individual styles and energies in the context of varying approaches and you will find the tribute that excites your listening sensibilities.

As part of Flushing Town Hall's Celebrating Women In Jazz series, Antoinette Montague will channel Nina Simone, Alberta Hunter, Sarah Vaughan, Bessie Smith and Etta Jones in A Tribute to the Ladies Who Swing (Apr. 6th). Montague is a bluesy swingwarrior.  Like a tributary, her stream of energy connects with the rivers of the women she respects, yet she is her own voice.

Seasoned and truthfully cool, Vicki Burns will pay tribute to Anita O'Day at Metropolitan Room (Apr. 23rd). Burns' voice is a resonant blend of bright upper tones and warm chest sounds and her supple phrasing and timbre are uncannily similar to O'Day's. Burns lilts, slides and scats percussively, invoking O'Day but maintaining her own identity.

The first definition of the word "tribute" in Merriam-Webster's dictionary is not in reference to a performance or oratory method of honoring; instead it is a tax paid to display submission and to obtain protection by those in power. Run to Jazz at Lincoln

Center's Allen Room to hear cabaret great Michael Feinstein 'pay' Ellington his due in Elegant Ellington (Apr. 24th-25th).   Feinstein's voice paints pictures of the Duke's world, evoking shiny brass instruments in motion, crisp tuxedos and winged gowns. It's interesting to note what Feinstein has acknowledged in past interviews: "While some things are set, we let it be changeable."

Sometimes a concept about genres is the tribute.  Miles Griffith and Carolyn Leonhart are both featured in drummer Tommy Campbell's Vocal-Eyes group, where the idea is to fuse traditional, ethnic, contemporary and progressive jazz. Boy, does he have the right singers for that approach. When Griffith blasts off the stage, there is no telling where he might go. The entire spectrum of sonic communication, from primordial to traditional to alien and back again, is at this man's vocal beck and call. Interwoven is Leonhart's energetically calm and beautifully sensual voice.  Vocal-Eyes is a tribute to the art of song itself.  Hear the band at Smoke (Apr.17th).  
A way of life can be honored in tribute. Don't Cry for No Hipster (Nardis), from singer/keyboardist Ben Sidran, is an entertaining album featuring 12 original songs celebrating the hipster way. In his liner notes Sidran quotes theater improvisation legend Del Close: "The hipster has the Taoist's aversion to pinning down the changing world." Sidran's album sates his curiosity about the changing hipster culture - he's one of the artists who helped create it. Enjoy Sidran "hooglin'" at Jazz Standard (Apr. 24th).
CD releases falling into the tribute realm this month include Giacomo Gates' wonderful Miles Tones: Giacomo Gates Sings Miles Davis (Savant). Gates is completely in the Davis pocket on this album. Singing vocalese in warm, husky long tones that are weighty, he leaves plenty of space. Trumpeter Freddie Hendrix
is the highlight of Gates' seamlessly connected sextet.

Finally, Stephanie Jordan's cohesive album The Stephanie Jordan Big Band: Yesterday When I Was Young (A Tribute to Lena Horne) (Vige) is a straightahead knockout. Since surviving Hurricane Katrina, Jordan picked herself up and this album unites her with Horne's kindred steadfast spirit. The music is a tribute to persistence, a quality Jordan's voice embodies.

Whether inspired by the invocation or innovation impulse, good tributes say seize the day - with gratitude. While gone today, jazz greats live on tomorrow through their legacies. Looking back in 
tribute, the artist pays it forward. 
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Celebrating the Superwoman in You; May 17 & 18 
@ the Hyatt Regency Hotel 
NEW ORLEANS - Women who want to do better, be better, and help
WYEN Conference 2013
Celebrating the Superwoman in You
others get better, will be converging on the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 17 and 18 for Celebrating the Superwoman in You, a women's conference inviting women to rise up, stand up, and lift another woman up.  
"I am passionate about the empowerment of women," said founder Jil Greene. "Too many women find themselves in situations that they don't know how to get out of. Sometimes, the right information, the right tool, the right connection can make all the difference in putting together a plan that can change a woman's life. What we plan to do at Celebrating the Superwoman in You is provide that information, provide the tool, provide the connection so women can make the plan."
The conference begins at 4:00pm on Friday, May 17. The event kicks off with a high powered networking session with some of New Orleans top women leaders in Corporate America, Business, Law, Education, Finance, Health and Community. It will also include live music & entertainment, dramatic productions directed by Jacqueline Fleming (actress from Abraham Lincoln, Contraband, Woman Thou Art Loose), General Sessions and a late night pajama party where the women will participate in a dinner reception called "Real WYENing Conversations After Dark".
2013 WYEN Video Promo
2013 WYEN Video Promo
Saturday workshops tackle topics that describe a Super Woman: A Super Woman: Makes Time for Her God, Mentors Others, Markets Herself, Masters Relationship (Marriage/Single), Minds Her Money, Maximizes Her Health, Motivates herself, Makes Her Mark (through her passion and purpose). It will also include a special awards luncheon where women leaders in the City will be recognized with the first series of the "WYEN" awards.
Conference speakers include New Orleans own, Kelder Summers, Radio Host of Old School 106.7,  Kim Bondi, former TV Producer, VP of CNN, Judy Reese Morse, Deputy Mayor, Chief of Staff, City of New Orleans; Laverne Saulney, Regional Manager, New Orleans U.S Senator Mary Landrieu;  Dr. Tami Singleton, Chief, Hematology/Oncology, Professor, Medicine and Pediatrics; Michelle Craig, Partner at Adams & Reese law firm; Jade Brown Russell, General Counsel Caesar's Entertainment; Lisa Crinel, Owner and CEO of three New Orleans area based companies devoted to assisting women who are sick or in recovery;  Dr. Toya Barnes-Teamer, Vice President, Student Success at Dillard University, Kem Washington, a CPA and Financial consultant; Therese Badon, Vice President of Development, UNCF; and a host of others including speakers from Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte and Dallas!  Cee Cee Michaela, former Co-star of the hit comedy Girl Friends; Stacii Jae Johnson, CEO, Mama Said Productions, host of Atlanta's WAEC Love 860 AM Black Girls Radio; Charity Jordan, Film Maker, creator of the break out web series Mommy Uncensored;; Alicia Johnson, Software Engineer for IBM and certified belief therapy counselor, Co-Pastor Brandi Gibson, Word of Faith Christian Center, Lestine Bell, Motivational Speaker, Author of "You were meant to be a Queen, not a Fling"; Mrs. V (Valencia Johnson), BET Comedian,  and many more.
A special feature and new addition to this year's conference is the men's panel entitled Men Who Get It. The Men Who Get It include Fred Keeton, chief diversity officer, vice president external affairs Caesar's Entertainment-Las Vegas; Dr. Shelton Goode, author and diversity leader, Georgia Power; Roderick Miller, President and CEO New Orleans Business Alliance; and Nolan Rollins, president and CEO of the Urban League, New Orleans, Henry Coaxum, CEO of Coaxum Enterprises, Tod Smith, General Manager of WWLTV, Damon Singleton, Meteorologist of WDSU, Dr. Andre Perry, Director at Loyola Institute, Cleveland Spears, CEO of Spears Consulting Enterprises, and others. These business professionals will discuss hot topics, and growing trends that women face in the workplace openly and honestly but they will come at it from a man's perspective. This insight into a man's point of view should prove useful when trying to market one's self in today's workforce.
It's about improving women's lives," said Greene. "It's about empowerment. It's about learning the lessons we need to teach our
Hyatt Regency New Orleans
Hyatt Regency Hotel - Register Today
daughters and hearing the messages we need to give to empower them to move strongly into today's world. It's about benefitting and bettering women. That's why I am asking women to come and bring a sister, a friend, a daughter. It's time for us to rise up, stand up, and lift another woman up."
Event sponsors are: Hyatt Regency New Orleans, NolaWoman Magazine, New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network, The New Orleans Agenda, and Jaq's Acting Studio.
To register, go to For more information contact Nayanka Nero at 504 444 8017 or

The Historic Carver Theater
Performing Arts Center
Touching the future without disturbing the past!
Carver Theater Rendering
2101 Orleans Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70116
Opening November 2013
Welcome back to the historic Carver Theater; during the 1950's hailed as "America's finest theater exclusively for colored patrons" with the latest in technology, architectural designs, and the finest amenities.  Return as history moves forward with the installation of the Carver Theater's new state-of-the-art natural sounding Meyer Sound Constellation; an extraordinary breakthrough in sound technology which provides the  optimal acoustical experience.
Re-designed as a live performance entertainment venue primarily focus on jazz, big band ensembles, chamber music, operetta, musicals, stage plays, dance recitals, and Off-Broadway Shows; the fully renovated 16,000-square-foot theater with the "finest amenities" will comfortably seat approximately 750 guests with the ability to accommodate a greater number for non-seated performances and special events. The beamless construction and flat flooring design provides for an obstruction less view and present endless opportunities for various productions.
State of the arts technology and the development of acoustical sound barriers designed to prevent the intrusion or extrusion of sound during performances allow the Carver to create the proper ambience for live audio and video recordings by the music, film, and entertainment industry.  Located just blocks from the French Quarter, proximal to downtown New Orleans, the Carver serves as an excellent location for music conferences, film festivals, screenings, and other arts related events.
Welcome Back to the Historic Carver Theater!
Introducing Mobile Banking at Liberty Bank
Liberty Bank Mobile Banking
Liberty Bank Freedom Effect
Metro Disposal - Comprehensive Waste Management
Entergy New Orleans
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