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Monday, April 1, 2013

Cengage Learning eNewsletter: Engaging Students to Achieve Improved Outcomes



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Cengage Learning eNewsletter
Cengage Learning eNewsletter
Topic of the Week :

Engaging Students to Achieve Improved Outcomes

This week at the Cengage Learning Blog, we present video from Cengage Learning's recent Engage 2013 conference, hosted by SXSWedu. Watch as thought leaders share their forward-thinking ideas for engaging and motivating students via exciting techniques and technology. Join us at the Blog.
This Week's Featured Topics :

The New Tech Skill Set: Change

Corinne Hoisington demonstrates the "Four C's" of what mobile technology can bring to the classroom. Read More »

Empowering Students to Take Charge of Their Learning Opportunities

Nada Dabbagh asserts that by placing students at the center of the learning experience, educators empower them to become self-directed, life-long learners. Read More »

Embracing Life-Wide Learning via Emerging Technologies

By presenting EcoMUVE and EcoMOBILE, Chris Dede shows how virtual worlds and augmented reality can provide students with a truly immersive learning experience. Read More »

Cultivate an Engaging Online Learning
Environment via TEC-VARIETY

Want to motivate your online students? Curt Bonk shares research-based instructional design frameworks that can inspire increased motivation and engagement. Read More »

Creating a Learning Experience that Sticks with Students

Christy Price and Carey M. Roberts offer their research-backed strategies for creating a learning environment that fosters student involvement. Read More »
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