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Friday, April 19, 2013

Webcasts: Plagiarism Education Week - Join Turnitin for Plagiarism Education Week

Join Turnitin for Plagiarism Education Week, an entire week of activities devoted to helping educators foster student understanding that Originality Matters.

Activities during the week include live webcasts, the sharing of white papers and lesson plans, giveaways, and a student poster contest. Learn More »

Thanks to our sponsors:
ICAIPlagiarism TodaySEE
Monday, April 22

Students and Plagiarism: Exploring the Disconnect Between Morals and Behavior

with Jason Stephens, educational psychologist at the University of Connecticut
Win a free copy of Dr. Stephens' book, "Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity"

What motivates students to plagiarize? Why do some students cheat even when they believe that it's morally wrong and how do they rationalize… Read More »
Jason M. Stephens
Tuesday, April 23

Plagiarism Spectrum Drill Down

with Renee Swensen, English Professor, Saddleback College
Receive key findings from our survey on "How Instructors React to Plagiarism."

We will focus on the Top 5 types of plagiarism (both intentional and unintentional), highlighting… Read More »
Renee Swensen
Wednesday, April 24

Responding to Plagiarism: Lesson Plans and Strategies

with Lynn Lampert, Chair of Reference & Instructional Services and Coordinator of Information Literacy & Instruction at California State University Northridge
Receive free lesson plans for teaching about plagiarism.

In this copy/paste culture it is becoming increasingly important to incorporate lessons about plagiarism… Read More »
Lynn Lampert
Thursday, April 25

Policy to Practice: Developing Effective Academic Integrity Policies

with Teresa Fishman, director of the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI)
Win a FREE guide from ICAI to assess the climate of academic integrity at your school! ($500 value)

How are institutions ensuring that their academic integrity policies, governing student conduct, are effective down to the classroom level? How have these policies changed in light of… Read More »
Teresa Fishman
Friday, April 26

Teaching Originality, Creativity, and Critical Thinking

with Kelly McBride, Poynter Institute

How do we go about teaching students how to be creative and to think critically when doing their own work? This webcast will share… Read More »


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