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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teaching for Success Faculty Success Center Today's Success Tip: 12 Steps to Achieving Outcomes


 Today's Success Tip
12 Steps to Achieving Outcomes
by Jack H. Shrawder, Executive Director,
Teaching For Success, Faculty Success Center
From the TFS Adjunct e-Mentor Program:
Clarity, Confidence, and Capability

12 Steps to Consistently Reaching
Outcomes in Teaching and Learning
  1. Clearly define the outcome; then, imagine the moment you reach it; how will you feel?
  2. Commit to its attainment despite setbacks and discouraging moments--a "persistence mindset" is absolutely essential for reaching outcomes.
  3. Set a deadline for its achievement, but remember deadlines are estimates; if you run over, extend it and go on; skip flogging yourself.
  4. Clearly know why you have decided to achieving this outcome; write it clearly and concisely.
  5. By looking backwards from the completed outcome, create a plan detailing the exact steps that you will take from day one to completion.
  6. Sketch or chart your overall strategy; get the picture.
  7. Expect troubles, problems, and setbacks; make adjustments to your plan and continue on.
  8. Make a list of possible problems; then, brainstorm a list of best solutions should you encounter them.
  9. Decide which actions will move you furthest and fastest toward the outcome; make the accomplishment of these steps a priority.
  10. Plan how you can acquire the necessary resources you'll need, and indicate whose help you will require.
  11. To build momentum, complete at least one task or part one task every work session; small steps rather than giant leaps.
  12. Study after study finds that to consistently achieve challenging outcomes you must take at least one day off a week from work; get some rest and add fun.
Recommended Ideas for More Teaching Improvement

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Jack H. Shrawder, Executive Director, TFS Faculty Success Center


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