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Friday, August 30, 2013

Cengage Learning eNewsletter - Activity: Using a Planner as a Tool for Student Success


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Cengage Learning eNewsletter
Cengage Learning eNewsletter
Topic of the Week :

Get Ready, Get Set... Go!

This week's posts at the Cengage Learning Blog offer you and your students suggestions for beginning the school year with energy and confidence. Join us at the Blog.
This Week's Featured Topics :

Getting Students Active and Engaged on Day One

Are you starting classes soon? Try this technique that encourages student participation and engagement, right in your first class session. Read More »

Your Favorite "Icebreaker" Activities

We share some first-day-of-class activities contributed by readers of the Cengage Learning Blog. Read More »

The Relationship Between Student Wellness and Student Learning

Dr. Christine Harrington offers suggestions that can help you integrate valuable information about wellness into your course, while maintaining an appropriate emphasis on academics. Read More »

Activity: Using a Planner as a Tool for Student Success

Expose your students to the various time-management tools available to them, and help them see the value of using one on a regular basis. Read More »

Rest: An Essential Element of College Success

Remind students that, as they invest time in earning A's and B's, they should also strive to get their Z's. Read More »
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