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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Black Librarian Nation Connecting African American Librarians Nation Wide: New Book by Author, Linda Porter Harrison

Connecting African American Librarians Nation Wide

Please check out Linda's latest book, which focuses on women and relationships!

Stuck on Stupid, or Stuck in Stupid: The 25 Mistakes Women Make that Prevent Them from Attracting & Keeping Real Love

I have been pondering whether or not to write a relationship book for women for quite some time. After the release of my first novel, Torn Between 2 Brothas and my first relationship book Think Like A Man, I received numerous e-mails and phone calls from women asking that I write a relationship book for them. Initially, I was taken aback because I never saw myself as a relationship guru.

The irony is that I’ve always been the girlfriend that everyone comes to when it comes to relationships. I don’t think that it is because I have had the best relationships when it comes to men. Believe me; I have had a few that I care not to remember. I must admit, I kissed a few frogs before I found my Prince Charming. However, I do think that it is because I have always been optimistic and objective when it comes to love. Even when I have been in the midst of a tumultuous relationship, I have always been able to find my center, recognize my stupidity, and if not in that moment...very soon afterwards, get out of my circumstance. Afterwards, I brush myself off, evaluate the lesson learned and move on (something many women have trouble doing). Also, I try not to punish the next man that enters my life for the mistakes the previous guy made (huge mistake). For the last ten plus years, I have been paying close attention to the behavior of women and trying desperately to get a grip on why we continue to behave so stupidly when it comes to men. Is it that we just don’t know? Or is it that we do know, but we choose to stay stuck in/on stupid? You’ll have to answer these questions for yourself. Nevertheless, I hope that by the end of this book you will have gained some insight about your behavior and begin to make the necessary adjustments in your life to allow you to experience REAL love.

Blessings, Linda

About The Author
Linda Porter Harrison is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, residing in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and son. She is a graduate of Grambling State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a MLS in Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh. Linda is the author of Torn Between 2 Brothas. In her spare time she enjoys writing and hearing from her readers via e-mail at

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