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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TLT Group TGIF... Becoming iPad-Intuitive & Gearing Up for the Online Teaching Experience

Encourage. Enable. Engage.

Ninth issue, Volume five

TLT Group TGIF 4.17.2012               
From TLT Group World Headquarters
Steve Gilbert is a few months into his iPad life. Last week, he posted some initial reflections on his new iPad world, partially excerpted below.  Full post at TLT-SWG Blog.

Also, we're announcing new
FridayLive!s to finish out the Spring season! We have some fabulous presenters and guests lined up on a variety of topics: online teaching, E-Research, copyright, and more. 
iPad as "Intuitive" - Role of "Elusively Obvious" features to overcome transitional frustrations
"....When we say some iPad feature is "intuitive" we usually mean that we find it comfortable and easy to use and consistent with the the iPad worldview each of us is building with increasing iPad experience. That feature rapidly feels "obvious" instead of "elusive." The iPad user interface becomes more "intuitive" to me with every additional "native" iPad feature I learn and accept. So the next frustration that I encounter becomes easier to overcome because of my increasing facility with the system.
I really like using my iPad, but even after several months I'm still learning new tricks to overcome lingering transitional frustrations. I become a little more "iPad intuitive" each time I resolve a frustration by finding techniques that rely more fully on the iPad touchscreen interface instead of looking for methods that emulate keyboard/mouse features that had become "intuitive" to me after years of practice with that interface. Each identified frustration begins as a challenge to find something that seems elusive - not obvious - and usually ends with a solution that soon after feels quite "obvious" if it fits well within my growing iPad gestalt...."  Read More
Gearing Up for the Online Teaching Experience
Friday April 20, 2:00 pm EDT....Free to all.
Registration for April 20

Back in October, Jennifer agreed to teach an on-line class thinking it would stretch her skills as a teacher.  Now that it is April and the course will begin in a couple of months, Jennifer appreciates the way that thinking about an on-line class has made her think about teaching and what means she uses and wants to use to achieve her goals.  Most importantly, she is being forced to more explicitly draw on learning theory to inform her decisions because she doesn’t have any ‘standard’ approach to fall back on.  
Join Steve Gilbert in his conversation with Jennifer about the final stages of preparation before launching her first online class. Be ready for lots of good discussion and interaction.
This is the second in a series of visits with Jennifer about her journey into online teaching. The archive of our first conversation with her back in November is available to Individual Members in the Archives section of this website. 


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