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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Edudemic: April 18, 2012

The History Of Learning Tools [Infographic]  
Posted: 17 Apr 2012 09:01 AM PDT
You're going to want to print out this infographic and, at the very least, share it with your fellow teachers and even students. It's all about the history of education technology and could be used to educate just about anyone on how far we've come in a short period of time.

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 07:33 AM PDT
When you hear the term 'texting' you probably cringe a bit. Or you think about texting while driving. Or maybe even how students will sneak texting in below their desks while a teacher isn't looking. That's not the case for 8th graders at Roosevelt Middle School in Bridgeport CT.

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 05:45 AM PDT
A teacher or education administrator's time is precious. They barely have time to teach or educate at all these days. Tumblr is a great next step. It's as simple to use as Twitter, growing in popularity (like Twitter), requires no technical skills, and is quite fun to use.


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