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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Featured Case Studies and a Webinar on Tracking Embedded Assessments to Impact Student Learning

Nursing schools nationwide have turned to ExamSoft for help with measuring and impacting learning outcomes, engaging students with specific feedback reports after every exam, and improving long-term retention. We recently completed two new case studies that capture how nursing programs use our solution to engage students and save faculty valuable time. Read how the University of Hawaii Maui College of Nursing easily implemented our innovative solution in“Successfully transitioning to a new computer-based testing provider,”  and and see how El Centro College leverages ExamSoft’s robust reporting capabilities to drive student success and achieve learning outcomes in “Categorizing exam questions to track student learning outcomes.

Click Here to download the University of Hawaii case study (the PDF will download automatically)
Click Here to download the El Centro case study  (the PDF will download automatically)

If you would like to learn more about ExamSoft's assessment solution, register for our upcoming webinar, Tracking Embedded Assessment to Impact Accreditation, Curriculum Mapping, and Student Learning, hosted by St. John Fisher College of Pharmacy, on September 19th,  at 2pm CT,  REGISTER NOW

The webinar will cover how Dr. Jane M. Souza, Assistant Dean of Assessment at St. John Fisher College, implemented a new solution for her school to help answer the following questions. How much data do you get from embedded assessments? How can we use assessment data after each assessment to affect student learning, inform curricular mapping, or improve accreditation documentation? 

Join Dr. Souza as she describes the development and implementation of their assessment solution, how they are using the data to generate reports, and how faculty and students have responded to the new solution. 

Warm Regards, 

Amy Smith
Regional Sales Director - Programs West of the Mississippi
ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc.

12720 Hillcrest Road, Suite 650
Dallas, Texas 75230

direct: 866.429.8889 ext 102
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Katy Bailey
Regional Sales Director - Programs East of the Mississippi 
ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc.

12720 Hillcrest Road, Suite 650
Dallas, Texas 75230

direct: (866) 429-8889 Ext. 117
cell: (713) 444-0837



About ExamSoft
ExamSoft offers a market-leading exam management solution, which delivers powerful, actionable data to assess learning outcomes and increase student learning, engagement, and retention. Its software suite enables clients to more efficiently and practically administer exams and analyze resulting data to improve curricular design, test design, and accreditation compliance. ExamSoft has served hundreds of prominent academic, certification, and licensing institutions for more than 14 years and has successfully administered millions of exams. 

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