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Monday, October 8, 2012

CUR Quarterly Call for Articles and Vignettes- Fall 2013 Issue

Dillard faculty interested in responding to this publication opportunity please contact or 504-816-4446.

Call for Submissions for the Fall 2013 issue of the CUR (Council on Undergraduate Research)Quarterly

“Undergraduate Research as a Pathway to Innovation”
The theme of the Fall 2013 CUR Quarterly will focus on undergraduate research as a pipeline to the increasing demand for professionals and source of economic development. We seek 4 to 5 authors who can write articles that address issues about creating, implementing, sustaining, and assessing undergraduate research experiences to support the changing economy. In addition, we welcome shorter vignettes (300 words) that offer concrete, creative suggestions with regard to any aspect of undergraduate research and general education.

Examples of topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Models of opportunities that attract and retain students in the fields that are crucial to the country’s economic success and global competitiveness.
• Assessing new ways of addressing intellectual property in order to bring discoveries to market.
• Models for interdisciplinary experiences that result in transformative research.
• Connecting undergraduate research experiences to economic development and job creation.
If you are interested in contributing an article or vignette, please submit a short (300-500 words) prospectus describing the focus of your proposed article or vignette online at (this is a new process- see some additional details below) by October 29, 2012. Accepted authors will be notified by November 12, 2012.
Final articles will be 2000 to 3500 words in length. The final text for review and editing must be submitted by December 20, 2012.
Please forward the message to anyone who might be interested in submitting an article or vignette.
-October 29, 2012 Short (300-500 words) prospectus of proposed article or vignette submitted online.
-December 20, 2012 Final text for review and editing deadline

Lynn Y.R. Strong, MPA, CIM
Director, Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate Enrichment Program
Human Subjects Protection/ IRB
Dillard University
Professional Schools Bldg., Rm. 250
2601 Gentilly Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70122
Tel: 504-816-4446
Fax: 504-816-4313


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