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Friday, March 1, 2013

Dillard University Reminder: Curriculum Proposal Deadline for Spring 2013

The following message is being sent on behalf of Dr. Cleo Joffrion Allen, Chair University Curriculum Committee:

This is a reminder that the March 15 meeting of the University Curriculum Committee is the final one for 2013-14 catalog changes. So far, we have only received one completed package for the entire semester: from Chemistry. It will be considered at the March 1 meeting.

Others that we know are pending include Criminal Justice/Social Work and Mass Communication/Film. If you expect to present a proposal NOT mentioned, please let the committee know ASAP when we may expect your proposal.

Anyone who has a package in play at present should turn it in ASAP – no later than the Monday prior to the March meeting – to ensure all required items are there so that it can be placed on the March 15 agenda. Please turn it in the earlier the better in case you have missing items that need to be added because the Monday before the meeting is when committee members expect to receive packages.

Once again, we are sending the forms and guidelines. Please keep in mind that you need an executive summary/checklist in front of your materials listing what you propose to change AND you need not only signatures on the forms from your department and dean, but copies of minutes indicating your faculty AND College Curriculum Committee has voted and approved the proposal(s).

Once it’s determined that your package is complete, a digital copy is sent to members ahead of the meeting so they can have time to read it, and a representative from your area will be expected to attend the March 15 UCC meeting with 10 hard copies of the proposal to answer any questions.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Cleo Joffrion Allen, Ph.D., APR

Chair, University Curriculum Committee

Chair/Assistant Professor, School of Mass Communication

Adviser, Courtbouillon student newspaper

504.816.4041 (office)


Barbara M. Albert

Executive Assistant

Office of Academic Affairs

(504) 816-4216 (office)

(504) 816-4144 (fax)


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