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Friday, April 26, 2013

Cengage Learning eNewsletter: School Life: Maintaining Your Balance and Managing Your Stressors



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Cengage Learning eNewsletter
Cengage Learning eNewsletter
Topic of the Week :

Maintaining Your Balance and Managing Your Stressors

This week at the blog, our posts offer ideas you can use to help manage your time and maintain your balance as you navigate all your responsibilities. Join us at the Blog.
This Week's Featured Topics :

Reducing Stress and Avoiding Burnout

We share tips to maintain your balance, and link to a recorded session in which Dr. Constance Staley reveals ways you can feel "fired up" instead of burned out. Read More »

Don't Let the Tech Take Over: Master Mindfulness

Soren Gordhamer discusses the art of mindful and creative engagement with technology. Read More »

Finding a Balance: Prioritizing Your Time

We review ideas that can help you prioritize and balance your time between professional demands and doing what you enjoy as you
wrap up this term.
Read More »

Activity: Minimize Stress and Avoid

This activity can help you reflect on where you're spending your time, and how you might reallocate it to minimize stress and become less likely to procrastinate. Read More »

Tips for Students: A More Balanced Budget, A
More Balanced Life

Though it's not always possible to avoid the situations that cause us financial stress, proactive planning can help us maintain control where we can. Read More »
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