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Friday, April 26, 2013

CFP - Call for Participation in Invited Sessions and a Workshop


Workshop, and Invited Session(s): Call for Participation;


Please consider to contribute to invited sessions in the context of the following special tracks:

   Case Studies and Methodologies: stCSM 2013

   Interdisciplinary Research, Education, and Communication: IDREC 2013

Extended abstracts (600-1200 words) should be sent as attachment to any of the following email addresses:, for stCSM 2013 and, for IDREC 2013

Submission deadlines are the following:

   May 14, 2013 for conference presentation and the inclusion of the accepted articles in the PRE-conference proceedings

   May 24, 2013 for conference presentation and the inclusion of the accepted articles in the POST-conference proceedings

Other deadlines and submissions details can be found at the URL provided at the beginning of this email.


Non exclusionary topics for stCSM 2013


   Case Methods and Methodologies

   Case Studies Research

   Case Studies in Education

   Case Studies in STEM Education

   Consulting Case Studies

   Business Case Studies

   Case Studies in Management

   Case Studies in the Integration of Academic Activities

   Case Studies in the Integration of Inter-disciplinary Research, Education, and Communication

   Case Studies in Applying IDREC to Real Life Problem Solving

   Information Systems Case Studies

   Software Engineering Case Studies

   Engineering Case Studies

   Medical and Health Care Case Studies

   Case Studies in Science

   Ethical Case Studies


Non exclusionary topics for IDREC 2013


   Inter-disciplinary Research

   Inter-disciplinary Education

   Inter-Disciplinary Communication (which includes the communication of disciplinary research to other disciplines)

   Relationships between Inter-disciplinary Research and Inter-disciplinary Education

   Relationships between Inter-disciplinary Research and Inter-disciplinary Communication

   Relationships between Inter-disciplinary Education and Inter-disciplinary Communication

   ICT support of IDREC

   Relationships between IDREC and Analogical Thinking and/or Creative Thinking

   Case Studies




This workshop will introduce participants to Case Studies and Method by showing the possibilities they generate for an Inter-Disciplinary Integration of Academic Activities; which would relate the two topics of this call for papers.


Through a mix of presentation, exercises and discussion, this workshop will include:

   What is the case method?

   Different types of case study and how they are used

   Steps in developing authentic case studies: from recruiting sites to publication

   Facilitating case discussions in the classroom

   Measuring case method learning outcomes

   Publishing case studies

   Opportunities for funding case method projects

   Broader impacts of case method on the individual and institution

   Inter-disciplinary and integrative characteristics of Case Studies and methodologies


If you submit your extended abstract with a short CV of yours, you might be selected as a keynote speaker of your breakout session, in which case you would have more time to present your article, and/or be selected as an invited speaker, in which case 1) your presentation and paper will be differentiated as a invited one, and 2) you might be invited to present an additional paper with no additional charge.


Details regarding the following issues can be found at a PDF document provided at the URL given at the beginning of this email.


Virtual Participation

Virtual Sessions

Best Papers will be published in the Journal with *no additional charge*.

Journal's Special Issues, with *no additional charge* for papers presented at the conference.




Call for Papers for the Journal, in its two versions: printed (ISSN: 1690-4532) and electronic versions (ISSN: 1690-4524).


Scholars, researchers, academics, and professionals *who cannot participate in the conference* (not even in a virtual way) are invited to submit their extended abstract for their review and potential acceptance and publication in the Journal. Details regarding this issue are included in the PDF document associated at the Web URL given in the first line of this email.


Thank you for your time


stCSM/IDREC 2013 Co-organizers


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