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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

eCampus News: Colleges get a lesson in disaster recovery special report

Special Reports
When Hurricane Sandy barreled into the Northeast coast of the United States in late October, it leveled thousands of homes, caused tens of billions of dollars in damage, claimed at least 130 lives, and left millions of people without electricity. It also took numerous businesses offline for hours, or in some cases, days—disrupting operations for services ranging from the New York Stock Exchange and Amtrak to educational institutions.
“Events such as Super Storm Sandy always bring back into sharp focus the need for attention to planning for the impact of disasters,” said Brian Voss, chief information officer at the University of Maryland. “The larger storms—like Sandy in 2012 and Katrina in 2005—serve to remind us that disaster response and business continuity planning require attention beyond simply the loss of one’s data center, but can extend to the entire campus, the city where the institution is located, and even entire regions.”
Included in this eCN Special Report:
  • Learn the keys to a sound disaster recovery plan, including preventing, detecting and responding to IT emergencies
  • Hear real accounts from campus leaders and how they anticipate and plan ahead to confront disasters head-on  
  • Find out why disaster recovery is vital for colleges and universities of all sizes

Colleges get a lesson in disaster recovery

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