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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

tableau: Lowering Dropout Rates

Tableau Software
Lowering Dropout Rates
Spokane is the second-largest school district in the state of Washington. "We have slightly less than 30,000 students, and we have higher poverty than the state average," explains Chief Academic Officer Steven Gering in this interview. "One of the big areas that we've been focusing on is improving our student data, and really trying to improve our dropout rates."
For the first time ever, teachers and administrators have a clear and holistic view of what’s really happening with their schools and students.
The Spokane Public School District has spent the past few years developing a breakthrough solution to this problem. Using Tableau Software, Spokane now provides educators with web-based data dashboards that integrate multiple data sources to track performance goals and priorities in near real-time, using an intuitive visual interface that highlights trends and outliers.
"I've been able to give them tools to help them be more effective principals and teachers, to get more kids to graduate, more kids to college." –Steven Gering, Spokane School District


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