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Thursday, May 9, 2013 How Do Working Women Define "Success?"

How Do Working Women Define "Success?"

New research from career networking site LinkedIn provides a glimpse into how women globally define career success -- and whether they believe they have achieved it.

According to Forbes, the new survey entitled "What Women Want @ Work" suggests that by and large, women feel as though they are succeeding in the workplace although it differs by country:
• 77 percent of all respondents from across the globe said they consider their careers to be successful
• 69 percent of women in India, for example, said they are successful, which is a significant increase over previous years
• Only 7 percent of women in Italy report that they have succeeded in the workplace

How women define this success varies, of course. LinkedIn's research highlights how this definition has changed over time: For instance, 5 to 10 years ago:
• Most women (56 percent) said success at work meant earning a high salary

Today, however:
• 63 percent of respondents said they define success as achieving an ideal balance between their careers and personal lives
• 57 percent of respondents said they think it is possible to have children and lead successful careers

The LinkedIn survey also identified challenges that respondents believe impact their career: Globally, the top three include:
• No clear career path (51 percent)
• No investment in professional development (47 percent)
• Pay inequity (44 percent)

As for the future of women, professionally speaking, 80 percent of respondents said that a flexible work environment is the most important factor in determining success for the next generation of women workers.


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