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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Online Learning Curve: Best Practices in Online Higher Education

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Graduation Begins Today--Online

Adapting strategies from the traditional model of higher education can increase student retention and student success, ultimately boosting graduation rates.  
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Frequently, students who enroll in online programs underestimate the time and effort needed to succeed. When those students hit a road bump, such as a change in job or family circumstance, they will drop out of their online education program. Learn how Saint Leo University adapted strategies from traditional models of education to help online students succeed in the new blog post from The Online Learning Curve.
Dr. Arthur F. Kirk, Jr., president of Saint Leo University, shares how the school promoted student success by adapting methods from traditional education models, including degree progress check-ups, an early-alert process to identify at-risk students and a robust academic advising process. To read the entire post, click here.

The Online Learning Curve is a blog dedicated to sharing information and best practices about online higher education in an open forum, from a variety of voices. To subscribe to the blog, click here
To hear Dr. Kirk speak in person, join us for our online education conference, Connect 2013, on June 26-27 in Louisville, Ky.
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