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We’ve talked about gamification before, and we know that a lot of you out there are already incorporating (or working to incorporate) game-based learning activities into your classrooms. For those of you still in the learning stages, or for some of the skeptics out there, we’ve come across this visual that takes a look at how game-based learning activities are designed, why they work, and how well they work in classrooms. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Is Game-Based Learning Great?

  • Games can make people behave better.
  • Learners perform better when using game-based learning.
  • Without games, the grade distribution is much more even across letter grades. With games, the distribution of grades is highly tilting towards the “A” range with almost no grades in the failing range.
  • Players work harder voluntarily with game-based learning.
  • The work tends to be more relevant and easier to recall in ‘real life’.
  • Timely and appropriate feedback is worked into the game design.
  • The challenges, structures, and goals are generally quite clear in game based learning.
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