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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2012 OCLC WebJunction Crossroads - The Future of Libraries



The monthly newsletter from WebJunction.
Library patron with postcard
Find the future through exploration, curiosity and lifelong learning. [Photo courtesy of cabbit on Flickr.]

Question of the Month

How do you satisfy your information curiosity?

Finding the Future of Learning and Libraries 

The rapid pace of change in the last two decades is no longer news; it’s just our 21st century way of life. Whether employed or not, white collar or blue collar, patron or library staff, we are faced almost daily with the need to acquire new knowledge. This month, we take a look at how libraries and learners are meeting the challenges of constant change.
Featured resources:
·         Libraries and the Era of the Learner: A Vision for the Future: get a glimpse in to the future of libraries in this webinar from futurist Garry Golden.
·         The Learning for Life App: cultivate lifelong learning in your patrons and yourself.

PCNC attendees standing and waving hands
PCNC participants wave enthusiastic "jazz hands" [Photo by Kendra Morgan]

Jazzed about Project Compass

On April 25-26, WebJunction and the State Library of North Carolina hosted the Project Compass National Convening (PCNC) in Arlington, Virginia. More than two hundred library staff from 45 states and the District of Columbia participated, bringing renewed energy and enthusiasm to libraries’ continued efforts to support the economic health of their communities. Working together, attendees shared stories of patron impact, addressed common challenges and moved forward with new 21st-century solutions.
The convening featured guest speakers Mary Chute and Susan Hildreth from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), futurist Garry Golden, Assistant Secretary Jane Oates of the DOL Employment and Training Administration, Terri Bergman from the National Association of Workforce Boards, author Marilyn Johnson, and Ron Carlee from the International City/County Management Association.

This June, the IMLS-funded Project Compass grant program comes to a close. Since October 2009 Project Compass has supported workforce recovery efforts in U.S. libraries through state library summits, face-to-face and online training, and our Workforce Services collection of resources and programming ideas. In kicking off the PCNC event, Mary Chute stated, “Project Compass is changing the world.” After spending two days with our attendees from across the country, we know these dedicated library staff will continue to do just that.

What's new on WebJunction?

If you have visited since we relaunched in March, you probably noticed that the website has a different look and layout. The biggest change is that all our state library partner portals have joined the central portal: simply click on Our Partners to access your state's section. The other change is that the self-paced course catalog is housed in a separate environment that sponsored members access with a unique login. For a quick tour of the new WebJunction, watch this short video. For answers to common questions, visit the Help/FAQ section.

Jay Jordan Leaves OCLC on a World Stage

During Jay Jordan’s 14-year tenure as president and CEO of OCLC, he led the nonprofit cooperative organization to broaden its services and extend its reach worldwide. His focus on the evolution of libraries has spurred innovative research and development of new technologies for a changing library landscape. WebJunction came into being during his term, along with the Geek the Library campaign and the beta cloud-based ­Website for Small Libraries. We thank Jay for his strong leadership, while looking forward to the next era for OCLC.
Read the in-depth and frank Library Journal interview for more insight into Jay’s legacy.
Jay Jordan
Outgoing OCLC President and CEO, Jay Jordan

April Readers' Poll Results

Last month, we asked you to rate how you view your own leadership qualities. Of the 389 responses, nearly half (46%) report that you embrace yourself as a leader, and another 28% see yourself as leaders-in-training. Just over two-thirds of the respondents are in a supervisory position; when we looked at those responses alone, the number of self-identified leaders rose to 54%, but the number of leaders-in-training stayed the same. Thirty-three percent of non-managers identify themselves as leaders and only 10% do not self-identify any leadership qualities.

Poll results in graph form

Microsoft to Host Webinar on Windows 7 Training Curriculum

On May 22 & May 23, learn about the My PC Series: a free Windows 7 based, hands-on, and jargon-free curriculum of computer classes developed by Microsoft that aims to make the challenge of providing basic computer training for adults a bit easier.

The Microsoft-hosted series contains two sessions; A Program Overview and a Workshop Preview session. If you want to understand the research behind the program, what workshops are available, and what resources are offered for you and your staff, register for the Program Overview session. If you want to see the class content and how it is presented, the Workshop Preview session walks you through a few select topics from the curriculum. Please note that these sessions are not supported or hosted by WebJunction.

Register for Free WebJunction Webinars

Libraries and the Era of the Learner: A Vision for the Future

May 16, 2012
With lifelong learning as an economic driver in the 21st century, the role of libraries in this “era of the learner” is expansive. Join us for a discussion with futurist Garry Golden on the changing 21st century workforce and the role that public libraries can play. Get a glimpse into the future that will help libraries identify the changes, explore the implications and pave the way for learners. This session will build on discussions from a face-to-face national convening held in April, and will be of benefit and interest to all working in libraries.

Understanding Compassion Fatigue in Your Library

May 31, 2012
You love your job. You love helping your patrons and giving them the extra attention that lets them know you care. But there are days when you’ve given just about all you have to give. At the end of the day you feel drained, or irritated, or both! You may have achieved “compassion fatigue.” It’s a caregiver’s reaction to chronic stress that results in feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, self-doubt, lack of focus and fatigue. Trainer Linda Bruno will help you recognize the symptoms, the situations that trigger it, and the impact on you and your working environment. Explore ways to take care of yourself so you can continue to show compassion and give your patrons the care they need.

Best Kept Secret: Marketing the Small & Rural Library

June 7, 2012
Is your small or rural library the community’s best kept secret? Libraries are not known for "tooting their own horns," so valuable services and resources may go unnoticed. WebJunction is collaborating with the Association for Rural and Small Libraries to help you learn more about marketing and branding your 21st century small and rural library. Presenters Michelle A. McIntyre, director of Roaring Spring Community Library (PA), and Melinda Tanner, district consultant librarian in Washington, Greene & Fayette Counties (PA), share marketing techniques that are guaranteed to lead to long term development opportunities. Build mutually beneficial and sustainable business partnerships that result in free media advertising or sponsorship for events and services.

“That’s Not What I Said!”: Foundations of Interpersonal Communication

June 19, 2012
Being able to communicate effectively with others is a critical factor in job and relationship success. Yet each of us has a unique personality and view of the world. Our individual fears, insecurities, defense mechanisms and ways of taking in information all add up to differences in communication styles. What one person says is often not what the other person hears. Based on her 30 years of library experience, Melissa Powell will provide you with the tools to recognize the differences and increase your awareness of how they affect your relationships with customers and co-workers.

New Webinar Archives

If you missed these recent live programs, you can view and listen to the recording at any time on WebJunction.

Thanks to our Partners

Through the generous support of the following state library agencies, WebJunction offers webinar programs for free to all who wish to attend:
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Spotlight on WebJunction Partners

Spotlight on WebJunction-Ohio

The State Library of Ohio has partnered with WebJunction to provide access to self-paced courses and content focused on the practice of librarianship in Ohio. WebJunction-Ohio offers library staff access to state specific content related to IMLS LSTA Grants, Choose to Read Ohio, the 2012 Ohio Summer Reading program, and more. Explore the new layout of WebJunction-Ohio and find out more about OH Learning, Programs, Resources, Topics and Reports.  

Spotlight on WebJunction-Georgia

Thanks to the generosity of the Georgia Public Library Service, WebJunction-Georgia offers online continuing education courses for Georgia library staff who are registered WebJunction-Georgia members. Members can also find information relating to featured CE events, regular updates about the world of training and CE, information about live workshops and related resources. Explore the new layout of WebJunction-Georgia and find out more about GA Learning and Resources.

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