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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TeachHUBHappenings may 2, 2012


May 2, 2012

The finalists for the Teacher Talent Contest have been posted and the voting is on!!! 
Check out the finalists and vote for your favorite talent video!
You can also win a prize TODAY with the Instant Winner Wednesdays Game.
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  Video Writing Prompts

6-8: Impact of 9/11
How have the 9/11 attacks impacted the way you see the world? What does it mean to you that Osama bin Laden has been killed?

9-12: Results of bin Laden's death
How do you think the death of Osama bin Laden has affected United States citizens? Consider how this has affected public safety, the war in Afghanistan or the economy. How does it personally make you feel to see the world celebrating a man's death?

3-5: Royal Introductions
Imagine that you have just become a prince or princess of your class. Your first duty is to introduce yourself to the school as the new classroom prince/princess. Write one paragraph introducing yourself and explaining why you will be a great representative for your classroom.

6-8: Royal Rules
Being a royal is a big responsibility. You are constantly in the public eye, expected to represent your country. Write 5 rules you think you would have to follow if you were in the royal family.

Find more K-12 prompts on the Video Writing Prompts page 
 Giveaways & Contests

Announcing the Talent Video Finalists - Vote Now!

The finalists for the Teacher Talent Contest have been posted!

Now, your voting will decide the winner. The top winners will receive $1,000 (1st place), $500 (2nd place) or $100 (3rd - 5th place)!! The top 3 winners will also be featured on TeachHUB.

Voting Deadline: Monday, May 14 at 12 p.m CST.

In the latest TeachHUB giveaway, it is SUPER simple to play AND win.

On Wednesdays, you can visit Simply login/sign up for free and scratch off the big star on the page with your TeachHUB coin to see if you've won.

One lucky scratch-off player will win a $500 donation to his/her school!

You'll get one chance per week between 12am - 11:59pm CST on Wednesdays while the prizes last. There is a range of fun giveaways with new prizes every week. 

Play the Instant Winner Wednesdays Scratch Game

 Teacher Spotlight

Windham Primary School
Windham, Maine

What profession other than your own would you most like to attempt?
Ballroom dancer.

How did you know you wanted to be a teacher?
Honestly, I fell into it and it was the best fall of my life.

Read more about Matthew & other spotlight teachers

 Teacher Quote of the Day

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…it has no survival value; rather is one of those things that gives value to survival.   ~ CS Lewis

 Teacher Blog Roundup

Incorporating Fine Motor Activities into Daily Instruction
by Caitlin Orsborne, Special Education Resource Room Blog
When working in special education, we often have students who need to work on their fine motor skills. These skills are important for our students as they will need to use their fine motor skills in daily activities such as tying their shoes, zipping up a jacket, making a meal, etc.

Check out these strategies, apps and tools for teaching fine motor skills.
read more

by Steven Anderson, Web20Classroom Blog

Today, let's look at all my tips, tricks and resources for getting more out of Twitter without it taking over your life. I get asked all the time one of three questions:

1) Where do you find all those links you post?
2) How do you make sure you don't miss everything without staying on Twitter 24/7?
3) How do you organize everything you find from Twitter?
read more

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Annie Condron
FREE Pop Culture
Lesson Pl
Students learn about the LA Clippers' lucky charm for the playoffs and use Blake Griffin's real life stats to connect with word problems.

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