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Monday, December 10, 2012

[COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR] Students Giving You the Silent Treatment?

Students Giving You the Silent Treatment?
A webinar event unveils how one University of Michigan professor increased class participation by 66% through the power of active learning.

December 13, 2012 at 2 PM EST (US)

Picture this...a large lecture hall where one professor stands in front of hundreds of students lecturing. Most of the students are looking at laptops or mobile devices. At first glance, it appears that they aren’t paying attention.

This lecture hall is at the University of Michigan and the professor is Dr. Perry Samson, founder of LectureTools, the newest addition to the Echo360 Active Learning Platform. And while the students appear to be distracted by technology, they are actually doing something not quite visible to the naked eye. They are participating.

In the age of active learning, interaction is the name of the game. According to Dr. Samson, “if you give students the opportunity to participate they will”.
Join us for this complimentary event to learn how the Active Learning Platform:
Engages and energizes today’s social student by leveraging mobile devices to ask confidential questions during class, take personal notes, and collaborate with other students
Provides instructors and teaching assistants with the opportunity to respond globally to popular questions during class
Measures learning as it happens and provides insights into student comprehension
Enables the 12 benefits of Active Learning like the flipped classroom, distance learning and MOOCs
Who Should Attend:  Instructional Technologists and Designers, Faculty, Deans and Academic Administrators, and CIOs.

What do you think?  Collaborate before, during and after the event on Twitter, using the live event tweet #activelearning
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