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Monday, December 10, 2012

Presenting the new TCU Koehler Center Sites!

New post on Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence


Presenting the new TCU Koehler Center Sites

As mentioned in our blog, last week, we have the new and improved TCU Koehler Center blog, the "Teaching Toolbox."   Along with this new name and goals, we are unifying our department's online presence.  We realize that name changing in social media is a little taboo, but we hope it won't be too disruptive for the user experience and that you will benefit from our expanded coverage of teaching topics!

Why the change, y'all?

Our social media accounts had been set up just for the elearning side of the house, but the reality is that we are one team.  We are the Koehler Center.
As our mission statement says, "We support teaching and learning and help faculty implement meaningful learning opportunities for their students."  We wanted to better represent ourselves as the Koehler Center, involved with fostering professional development, active learning, teaching strategies, and educational technology, among other great topics!

Out with the old...

All of this being said, we are trading in our old blog url, twitter name, and facebook URL, and moving to a new simple name for all.

Connect with us

Please bookmark, subscribe, like and follow to our new sites!  Click the icons below to connect with us.
Connect with the TCU Koehler Center
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Our best to you - -
The TCU Koehler Center team
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