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Monday, April 30, 2012

‘Flip This Lesson’ From TED-Ed Wants You To Mashup Videos As A Lesson

‘Flip This Lesson’ From TED-Ed Wants You To Mashup Videos As A Lesson

Tired of all those interesting and thought-provoking TED Talks? Me neither. But never one to rest on its laurels, TED-Ed is launching a new way to make these talks a bit more, well, perfect for you.

Flip This Lesson

It’s called ‘Flip This Lesson’ and it’s basically a video editing tool that lets you create lessons from the vast array of TED Talks. It’ll be available at It’s in beta right now so you can’t check it out just yet. But I’m sure it’ll be making the rounds soon! Here’s a bit more from the TED folks on how it’s going to work:
With this feature, educators can use, tweak, or completely redo any video lesson featured on TED-Ed, or create lessons from scratch based on a TEDTalk or any video from YouTube. How? Just plug the video in and start writing questions, comments, even quizzes — then save the lesson as a private link and share with your students. The site allows you to see who’s completed the lessons and track individual progress. It’s still in beta, but we’re so excited about this feature we had to share.

The Killer Feature

This new tool is an open platform which means you can use videos from TED, TED-Ed, or even any YouTube video. Yes, even YouTube videos.
I can’t wait to see a talk by Sir Ken Robinson spliced together with Keyboard Cat. Just saying.
Read the full press announcement here. And explore a sample lesson made as a proof-of-concept, based on a great new TED-Ed talk.


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