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Monday, May 7, 2012

eSchool News This Week: May 7, 2012


eSN This Week

In this week's top news: An initiative to increase student academic achievement, gender issues in college computer classes, our May eSchool of the Month winner, experts campaign for mobile learning, educational gaming on the rise, and more.
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Laura Devaney, Managing Editor
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Parents want more from assessment


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eTop Story of the Week

Ed-tech group IDs ways to help boost achievement
An initiative that uses research to identify ways to use educational technology successfully soon will launch a professional learning community with resources and collaborative opportunities to help school and district leaders better prepare students for a global economy. [ Read More ]

eWeek's Top Headlines

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eGrant Alert of the Week

Up to $500K for RTI programs


eInnovative educators wanted for Microsoft!

Microsoft’s global educator recognition program–Microsoft Partners in Learning 2012 US Forum– aims to seek out and showcase innovative K-12 U.S. [ Read More ]


eAttend Alan November’s premier ed-tech conference and get $50 off the cost of registration!

Hosted by November Learning, the Building Learning Communities conference is designed to have an immediate and long-term impact on improving teaching and learning. This year’s conference will feature a keynote speech from Chris Anderson, curator of the TED Talks that share wisdom from thought leaders worldwide.
For more information about BLC ’12, to be held in Boston, July 15-20, click here. Get $50 off when you register by entering this discount code: eSchoolMedia12.
For more information on the conference, be sure to check out this video from Alan November.


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eSpecial Reports

eSN Publisher's Report: Visibility within the cloud

With earlier technologies, the term "cloud computing" was an apt description: As users connected to the cloud, the system couldn't "see" the type of device they were using--so it delivered the same experience whether they were using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Now, that's starting to change.
eSN Publisher's Report: Creating a safe and positive learning environment

School bullying is now at crisis levels in the U.S., and it's one of the primary challenges that school leaders face in managing the learning environment. As school leaders look for ways to deal with this problem, some are turning to a promising new technology platform for help

eWhitepaper Library

Mobile Device Management and Bring Your Own Device in Education Environments
Provided by: Kaseya

How a self-service portal automates service requests, budget authorizations, billing, and more
Provided by: Embotics Corporation

How enterprise-grade Wi-Fi supports interactive learning
Provided by: Aerohive

Why top-flight data management enhances achievement and avoids disasters
Provided by: SAS

10 Steps for Migrating Curriculum to Common Core
Provided by: Acheive3000

Using Student Response Systems to Improve Student Learning
Provided by: Mimio

Chief Provides Flexible, Engaging Classroom Solution
Provided by: Chief

Best Practices in IT Management for Schools
Provided by: IPswitch

eEd-Tech Partners Press Releases

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eEducator's Resource Center

Enhancing campus appeal with next-generation digital displays
Campus appeal. Low TCO. Green design. When it comes to digital displays, can you have it all? Thanks to new and emerging technologies, the answer appears to be "yes."
Helping Students Learn with Reliable Wireless Connectivity
The explosion of mobile devices in schools underscores the need for fast, secure, reliable, and easy-to-manage wireless internet access—enabling students to learn anytime, anywhere, while letting school leaders focus on instruction rather than solving IT issues.
Mobile Learning: Effective Anytime, Anywhere Education
Mobile learning is growing by leaps and bounds, and mobile learning devices are no longer restricted to the classroom. Most students, including young students, own or have access to cell phones, iPods, tablets, or other handheld devices—and school administrators are quickly realizing that students can use those devices to access school websites, classroom assignments, and other educational resources from both school and home.
Using 21st Century Tools for College Success
Succeeding in college today can be a daunting challenge for students without the necessary study skills or those with learning disabilities. Students must adapt not only to a whole new learning environment, but also to a more rigorous and advanced curriculum.
Virtualized Computing: Saving Time, Money, and Headaches
Though the economy shows signs of improvement, schools and districts are still faced with budget shortfalls and funding dilemmas. But many school leaders are finding that desktop virtualization can help them save time and energy--while providing computers to more students at a fraction of the cost.
Engaging Students with 'Flipped Learning'
Flipped learning has taken the education world by storm. The newest teaching and learning method--in which students watch videos and learn course content outside of the classroom, and then come to class to complete "homework" with the help of instructors and peers--raises many questions about how instruction can be completely transformed to engage students more effectively..
Engaging Your Community with Effective Communication
Engaging all stakeholders can boost your chances of success when it comes to academics--as well as fundraising. But in tough economic times, many schools must learn to do.
Empowering Education with Video
Communication has changed, and students and educators are increasingly using video technologies in all aspects of education.

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