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Monday, May 7, 2012

FREE Webinar: eText Strategies: Creating a Path to Digital (+ Print)

Complimentary Webinar

eText Strategies
Creating a Path to Digital (+ Print)
New models are emerging that allow digital content and learning materials (eTexts) to be distributed directly to students via institutional agreements with publishers and software providers. These models offer the potential to reduce the overall cost of higher education while ensuring access to course materials for all students.
In Fall 2011 Indiana University launched the IU eText Initiative after five semesters of pilot studies and research.  IU negotiated with publishers and software providers, on behalf of its students, for eTexts that provide substantial savings, are available on multiple digital devices, can be printed, and are accessed via the IU Learning Management System (Sakai).
Developing an eText strategy that will serve the needs of institutions, faculty, and students requires thoughtful planning. This presentation will use the Indiana University experience as a case study to explore the strategic, business, and policy issues that institutions should consider when exploring an institutional eText strategy or considering an eText initiative.
Web Seminar Presented by: Dr. Bradley C. Wheeler, VP for Information Technology & CIO, Dean, and Professor, Indiana University
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